“Your Redemption Draweth Nigh”


Shalom everyone!
I was awakened on the very early morning of July 5, 2015.around 1:56 am.  An angel from the Lord said to me,  “Look up, your redemption draweth nigh”.

He impressed upon me to get my finances in order.
I was also told to share this.
Luke 21:28 is the scriptural reference.

But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads; because your redemption draweth nigh.”

Phelan” Missy” Webb

7 thoughts on ““Your Redemption Draweth Nigh”

  1. When he said to “get your finances in order” do you think this is the same as for someone in hospice, or about to pass, so that their estate is easy to settle ?

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    • It could be, because we don’t really know when the last day of our life on this Earth will be… ., .. or maybe , also, she was told this because we all should be getting our finances in order because He is returning soon.

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      • That’s true also.. pay debts off, any vows owed to others, including situations that Allen Black mentioned.. when someone is about to die ., and it also means not only financial debts, but also forgiveness and allowing the Holy Spirit to help us forgive those who’ve wronged us and owe us in anyway…


  2. I had many encounters with Jesus and have been to heaven many times. I had a ballroom dance with Jesus many times on the sea of class and I just follow His lead and I have to dance as His bride without any question cross mind about being male dancing with a male. This is a spiritual experience with Jesus which cannot be compared to the physical. In heaven my special place I visit is the throne room. I just jump up at my Daddy and He catch me and place me in His bosom and that place in His bosom is just for me. One day before I was allowed to go to the throne any time I want too, I ask Him can He be my earthly Father and my heavenly Father? He said yes to me and He said to me that I will be very special to Him. He is my Daddy and I can go to heaven any I want to. In my many visits to heaven Jesus showed me my mansion my grand mother king David king Solomon Queen Sheba and many other saints. I am living in two places at the same time, my spirit in heaven and my body on earth. I see angels all the time, I have five heavenly body guards that guards me all the time and many angels with my guardian angel around me all the time. My Daddy Jesus the Holy Spirit is more real to me than any one else, and the heavenly realm is more real to me also than the earthly. This can happen to any one who hunger and thirst for Jesus.
    God bless yous all family love yous all with the endless pure love of our heavenly Daddy.
    Your Servant in Christ
    Pastor Lee Clinton Moore

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    • God bless you Pastor.. Thanks so much for sharing these blessings He gave you with us! I’m so glad you did get to meet king Solomon, because I was a little worried about him being in Heaven or not due to how he lost track of God and became influenced by all his tons of pagan wives with their many gods.. But it is true that he “saw the Light” at the end of his life.., and realized everything is vanity and vexation of spirit.. Just think it’s so cool that he was received in Heaven with our Lord after that… and even the Queen of Sheba!
      🙂 lisa


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