Group Hug with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


One of my friends is going to be coming with church with me next Sunday. I’ve also been sending some prayer cards to others, so hopefully they will get to know God. I had a lovely dream last night, I was greeted by Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit and we had a group hug. It was amazing. 😊

I was fast asleep in bed and I dreamt that in front of me was a pearly white staircase leading up to heaven. I slowly climbed up the staircase and soon I arrived at this large spacious room which was also pearly white. Suddenly Yeshua (Jesus) appeared, he had shoulder length dark brown hair and a short neat looking beard. He was wearing an all white tunic and light brown leather sandals. He welcomed me with open arms and when we embraced it felt so warm and so full of love. Then Father came and embraced both of us. He had long hair similar to Yeshua, but was white as snow, however I didn’t see his face. Last but no means least, Spirit flew in as a dove and kinda liked morphed into human form (long hair, no beard) and joined in with the embrace. 😊

Shared by Allison Holmes (Laurel Burton) as a post in comments at the following video:

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