God and my Dance Prayer for the 4 Corners of the Earth

7b07f366f7d13227de87f6b3e2714ea0 Hi all, While watching Still Small Voice’s, “Your Very Own Gift of Worship” Video on You Tube, I was reminded this morning of an experience the Lord gave me around 2009, 2010 one Winter Evening.   As we see,  our Earth is going through such an assault from mankind’s abuse and greed..   abusive and uncontrolled  drilling for oil in areas that drilling should not be permitted;  mountain-top removal of once beautiful mountains with wildlife habitat areas forever destroyed by dynamite … just to obtain a few years of coal;  oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico; the Fukashima nuclear disaster in Japan, etc..        God sees more tragedy in His Creation than we are even aware of.     We don’t know the tears God sheds because , Yes, He DOES love not only we humans, but ALL Life created by Him. He hates seeing even animals suffer due to mankind, man..whom He created to serve and love Him in many ways.  One of our many roles was to be His stewards for All of Creation we coexist with.  Thankfully, there are a few souls who have have allowed the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and minister to the hurting animals in oil spills,  as well as working with Him in restoring devastated wild places caused by man’s greed.    You will see many whose hearts He has touched, picking up garbage along roadsides,  feeding wild birds , leaving out critter food for the small animals during harsh Winters, etc., assisting hurting animals in oil spills, etc..   It is a labor of Love for Him.. for His defenseless ones who are at our mercy.. Well, one night I was listening to my Native American song CD’s made by Native Americans … the traditional songs are sung from the heart to the Great Spirit…        I always have a love for the Native American people to begin with.   I was so incredibly inspired that night to sing along with the singers of that CD., and dance the way the Native American people dance when they worship God..     I sang along with the language of the Native American singer, and stomped my feet on the floor while turning in all four directions.. to the four corners of the Earth praying for each type of wild animals living throughout the entire Earth..    The North, South, East and West.    I visualized myself before the Great Spirit (God) dressed in Native American clothing and boots,  .. a Native American child, dancing and singing in prayer before her Creator for the welfare and protection of all Creation.      I cried while I sang too..  I wanted sooo much for God to hear me! After my dance for Him, I felt Someone standing near the closet in my bedroom, smiling at me with loving amusement, but definitely stemming from Love and delight in my “prayer”.      Rationalizing this, I assumed it was , perhaps a young Native American man who had died along time ago, observing my “ceremony” for God. “Maybe it was someone I knew from a past life” I imagined.. It was only a few years later that our Lord revealed to me (without words.. but just a “knowing”) that it was HIM standing there listening to me, and He loved my dance prayer.   He was standing by my closet because in the scriptures, He refers to us praying intimately with Him as “entering into our closets” in prayer…. our “Prayer Closets”.       It was in that very closet some years later while looking for a necklace to wear , my eyes fell on one that has “Be Mine” written on the charm.    With my eyes on it, in my heart  I heard Jesus say in the most beautiful way that smote me to the core– “Be Mine”  ..    and I realized just why the disciples dropped everything to follow Him when He told them, “Follow Me”.   With that tone of His.. that penetrating look of His into their eyes… wow!! So if you’re Native American, dear brother and sister…. yes, our Great Spirit is hearing your dance prayers.. He loves your dances for Him..   and He wants ALL mankind to become His-  from the North, The South, the East and the West♥ editors note.. while editing the punctuation on this journal entry, on my  mother’s radio downstairs, there is a Country song playing, called, “I just want to dance with you”.  😀

3 thoughts on “God and my Dance Prayer for the 4 Corners of the Earth

  1. Hello Dear Believers,
    This message touched me and made me glad. As I had prayed earlier my mind went to the desire of washing Jesus’ feet with oil and tears of love. Thank you Lord for confirming my deep longing to do that.
    He’s all I Need,

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    • hi plb, I danced this in the evening after work..during the Wintertime in my room. I was just inspired and it was like a prayer to our Lord for all Creation all over the Earth. It was a feeble white woman’s attempt at praying through dance to our Creator so I’m sure I didn’t really know what I was doing, and any native tribal person watching me might have tried their best from holding in their laughter at how I looked like…. but the Lord listens to all our prayers.. if they come from our hearts.
      I’m not sure about what you mean by “moments”, could you clarify?
      hugs, lisa


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