Spiritual Warfare Assistance

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Spiritual Warfare:

I sent this message to a friend, and she said I should share it. Then confirmed by another, by two witnesses. So God bless, everybody. I pray you find some new strength in our Lord God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
(Craig– Cindercatz)
First, if you slip in some way, remember the Lord is there to pick you up, you’re allowed your humanity. 🙂 I’m always here to pray for you too, I’m glad to. Why do you feel you might derail? Is it something you want to talk about, or should I leave it? Remember your blessings if it’s something serious, pray for joy and the Lord’s peace. I went through a very rough time for a few weeks as well. I think I’m coming into a better space now, but I know I’m not capable of absolute perfection or what people see as that in this life. I slip and fall and get up again, and just pray to continue to do better the next time, by the Lord’s grace. So whatever happens, it’s never too much, alright? We are greatly loved. 🙂
I’m wondering if your deliverance sessions might have something to do with how you’re feeling oppressed. I don’t know anything in particular about what’s going on, of course. It’s spiritual warfare. If it’s proving resistant, I can tell you how I’ve developed mine, where I feel Holy Spirit has trained me in terms of prayer. It’s good you’re willing to help them. Be sure to also pray for each of you in the prayer group, your friends, family, pets, houses and environs, etc. Pray for the Lord’s protection, invigoration, stamina, strength, and angelic support as strong as necessary, His holy warring angels. Also His gifts of discernment.

I’ll tell you some of the specific visualization tools I’ve learned, if you want to add them to your repertoire. I mentioned these before, remember? All in the spirit, of course, except the oil. They need to also pray for themselves, because they’re the only one who can see their own spiritual idols and weaknesses, where the demon is holding on. In all of these, you are drenched and soaked inside and out in the blood of Jesus by His passion on the cross, your weapons are the name of Jesus by His authority, His blood shed for you, the power of the Holy Spirit bursting through you like an ocean through a thimble, so that you strongly feel His power pouring through you like clean, clear, pure water that God Almighty will pour through you, and your faith that will move this mountain, that God will accomplish this through you, that nothing can separate you from Him, not even a little bit. Claim these, pray for them, see them and feel them. Usually, claiming these is enough.

Then if it persists: If you feel it necessary, anoint your heads with consecrated oil, consecrating yourself to God as His temple, and the targeted person. Remember not only to bind whatever demons or strongmen or devils of any type are involved, their support, their replacements and theirs, the ones who sent them and theirs, and all of their powers, entirely and in permanence, away from everyone involved and everyone and everything connected to you, also to cut any ties that bind the person or yourselves, burn their ties to ash and blow them away to nothing, to burn any curses or spells or demonic claims of any type, destroy them utterly, and blow them away to nothing. To crumble their strongholds and palaces, and crush them, and blow them away to nothing, and then to break their alters, destroy their alters at the center, representing what kernel the person is holding onto on some level that gives the demon or strongman a place to grasp, crumble them to ash and blow them away to nothing. Use oil to anoint in the form of a cross, to claim territory for God and also intend this in the spirit, that His mighty angels secure all of that territory and the Holy Spirit come in and fortify it as His own consecrated sanctuary. If you feel attacks in any specific place on the body, I’ll actually trace crosses into these so that I can feel them, with the oil of my own fingers as the anointment if there’s nothing else. Imagine a shield of protection with the emblem of the cross representing our Lord, and apply it spiritually, and the cross bursting with the Lord’s light up through you and through your mind. Remember to pray over your spiritual armor, to let the Lord find and repair any chinks in your defense, spiritually. And then I use the spiritual dagger I mentioned before, to cut any infestation or hooks away, which I imagine as a kind of black ooze, spool it out, and then blow it away and evaporate it by the Spirit, directly from you, Holy Spirit flowing around and through you and pouring out from you, as you feel this. Then have faith that it’s done and be thankful in communion. 🙂

I pray all of this for you as well.

I told you I use visualizations. It’s a vigorous way of engaging, but it’s worked for me. It’s much faster running through it in the spirit, mind and body than spelling it out. Just strong prayer. Everything in the spirit is about permissions, but like when I was attacked in the dream vision, there can also be an actual warfare aspect to it. Not everything will let go easily, of course, but we know who really has all the power, and we are His children.

Love and God bless. 🙂

~shared by Craig.. (aka Cindercatz)

One thought on “Spiritual Warfare Assistance

  1. Thank you. I need Prayer and my family in every area of our lives. I too am A Warrior and do Spiritual warefsre Prayer warrior. Thank you for your prayers and writing about this and in prayer. GOD Bless and Keep you!


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