Jesus Always Speaks to Us: We need to Comfort Him and Listen


Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you and may the Lord keep you all. I just wanted to share an experience I just had with Jesus. I was riding my bicycle today, 6/27. I was on my way back, about 5 miles from home. I was listening to the book of Acts. I looked up and there was a small lost dog, it looked exactly like a little black sheep. I stopped with the intention of reading the name tag on the collar. The lost dog/sheep darted across the street and an old SUV stopped. An elderly black man showed me the house where the dog got loose. I looked up and the street name was Smyrna!!! I returned the dog and rode off. I started to hear from the Holy Spirit, so I listened to Revelation. The church of Smyrna is one of the 7 golden lamps stands that John records. They think they are rich, but are not, some believe they are Jewish but are not. The are told to be strong in tribulation, and the devil will put some in prison 10 days and then they are martyred. Perhaps my beloved Jesus is telling me personally, but I wanted to share. Be diligent.

Jesus also will speak to you throughout your day in many ways. Pray for spiritual eyes, submersible yourselves in the beautiful love of Jesus. As Claire and Ezekiel says, seek Jesus with everything , heart, mind, your Christian walk, your (His) righteousness. He will come to you. I have never seen Jesus, but I actually feel His heart. Right now our beloved Savior needs the Body, all of us, His Bride, to comfort Him!!! He is going through great sorrow, as Father will soon begin His wrath. Please, please, speak to Jesus with your loving hearts. This walk is not about us as individuals……it’s about love and sacrifice for others. I love you all very much.

Jeff- Shepherds Ministry

One thought on “Jesus Always Speaks to Us: We need to Comfort Him and Listen

  1. Thank you so much for publishing my amazing experience. I thought as I rode the rest of the way home, “what if I had not listened to my heart and kept riding” I would not have had that incredible moment with my lord and savior!! We, the body of Christ must stop and listen to the Holy Spirit, tune in with a loving heart, and gather the lost sheep. So many of our brothers and sisters are sitting, leading lukewarm lives! They are lost and we must help them find their way home!! Please stop, don’t ride by and miss an opportunity to be near to Jesus!! I love you all so very much. God Bless you all! Please email me any time@

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