The Royal Bride


The Royal Bride
She is My Beauty – My Delight.
All who look upon her are her admirers.
She is festooned with many jewels.
They do not add to or take away from her beauty.
If she were naked she would still be breathtaking.
Her Humility magnifies her beauty.
All ache to know her better.
She Stands silent and unsmiling –
Though not churlish or unhappy
Wisdom is her Crown.
Righteousness her inheritance.
She is gentle and true.
Noble and Pure.
Her King is enthralled with her Beauty.
She is loved and honored by all that know her.
And her king loves her above all others.
She has left her family and her friends…….
But one day her sons will be Princes.
(Psalm 45)
Received and Shared by Debra Holland

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