Sudden Intense Prophetic Dream on Jade Helm


I had a prophetic dream from the Lord, must share!

The dream just now at 3am PST I had was intense:
It was the night –  Jade helm and all the soldiers went live and operative, they broke into my house at midnight and tried to kill my family and I had been able to kill off nearly 10 of the soldiers and protect my family while they trembled in fear.  I dragged the dead bodies inside taking their  equipment and gearing myself up. Had gone outside my house and saw this big black HUMVEE and SWAT truck outside. This was just the beginning…my family was crying saying what’s going on, I had told them 100x but they never believed me until then…

~shared by Mark Bechara

2 thoughts on “Sudden Intense Prophetic Dream on Jade Helm

  1. I saw the photos online yesterday of 1/2 mile long Military vehicles driving to various cities in America something BIG is going to happen soon 😦 Your dream is a vision of it starting x who would ever have thought this would be possible in America……….

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    • I would of never guessed or wanted to believe it, but I have to say.. I’ve felt it coming, and i had asked the Lord for a vision or dream about this whole big jade helm chaos, and he confirmed it over me. D: Praying for America

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