Preparation of the Bride -“I Am Coming Soon!”

My Wedding Dream started with me being purified..cleaned.
i was in a spa type place, a soft white and Gold!!!
then i see myself in a chair-like the ones movie directors sit in while filming but it was really nice!!! i knew that sitting in this type of chair meant high importance!!! i was then in a soft white robe.  In silver stitching written in cursive was “Bride” then this lady comes and begins to brush my hair.  It’s LONG and a dark brown.  Then she did the beautiful braid. these other ladies did my makeup and put jewelry on me..they then led me to a dressing room; i was dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress!! it was white and fluffy and looked sparkely,i felt like i was glowing!!! i looked and i just felt tears wail up,you know that feeling you feel when you feel overwhelmed and happy..but i felt sooo unworthy of such beauty  and i heard one of the ladies saying, “The King is ready to see you!!!”  I  jumped and woke up!!!!! i then went back to sleep.  After they made sure i was ready, they placed a beautiful tiara on my head and it was covered in diamonds,
with swirls going around it. On top was  a crystal heart on it ,then a HUGE and long veil on me too.
I then walked down this stairway and i realized i was in my mansion!!!! i had never seen that room before!!! i walk down and saw Jesus at the end of the stairs!!!!!! he dropped to one knee and tears of pure happiness and joy,Most of all,Love!!!! He stood back up and i smiled through my watery eyes!!! i see he’s a in a white Tux!!!!! i made made my way to him and he said “My Bride has made herself ready,My bride!!! Beautiful Bride has Made herself ready!!!! the spirit and the bride says “Come”  all that hear- come!!!” we walked out to my doors of my Mansion and this incredible LIGHT,soo bright!!! filled the outside of my doors and i saw the earth,and these words came across as i saw the earth: “I AM COMING SOON!!!!”
~ Dream shared by Taylor Jay Harris

9 thoughts on “Preparation of the Bride -“I Am Coming Soon!”

  1. i’m happy you’re blessed by this dream!!! i saw heaven again today and i was struck with tears!!! i didn’t want to leave our Bridegroom!!! how hard it is,but i feel that he is soo close. and i feel this dream shows that pretty clearly.

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    • ohh, thanks so much for the link! because I typed the title last night and it came to another blog of the same name, and I was going to ask you again for YOUR link! .. Jesus bless you sister!
      hugs, lisa


  2. What a beautiful dream! It’s amazing that when you woke up, then went back to sleep picking up where you left off!
    It must have been so thrilling to Know that you were marrying the Prince of your dreams, in a beautiful dress, and all the glamor, and even being in your mansion!
    Truly the dream wanted by many of us Christians. Thank-you for sharing that very exciting dream with us!

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