Be Prepared For His Return

Jesus-3(alleged actual photo of Jesus Christ submitted and posted on David Taylor’s website)

This morning I had a very sobering dream.. a warning to the Church and to myself as well…, that I and we need to stay alert and walk circumspectly and not as fools .. for the days are evil.  (Ephesians 5:15)

In this dream I and my family were just coming back from vacation  and had not given ourselves enough time to be ready for a special church service that was about to begin within minutes.   I saw the church building that looked very similar to the one I go to, only it was much larger and had different rooms attached to each other but separate from each other.   There was a main hallway and a downstairs Sunday school room for the children to also learn.   In spirit I visited the room I was to be seated at and noticed everyone dressed respectfully in modest suits for the men and modest dresses or skirts for the women..   Nothing over the top or flashy/blingy..   just ordinary attire one would wear going to an office job.   The people were all either seated and waiting or getting seated., and the service was about to start very soon.    Everyone was in anticipation for the Speaker.. who I realized after the dream would be Jesus.. and they were waiting for His very soon return.   All the separate rooms in this large church represent the different Ministries and Callings our Lord has given His Body and Bride to Be..   Some were Evangelical.  Some were ministries that dealt with the backslidden, etc., etc.  Only our Lord knows all His different ministries., and they all will be revealed to us by Him one day.

Each of these were separated but joined together into one big building and only One Speaker would be coming..  who I now know would be Jesus upon His soon return.     I and my family were not ready or prepared.  Having just come back from vacation, I still had on very overly casual clothing and I thought in the dream how goofy and foolish looking what I had on was.. definitely not something I want to be at this special service wearing.   I panicked in the dream because I knew the service was going to start within minutes and I could not find what I knew I needed to wear.   I knew I would not have enough time to find something decent , put it on and make the service which would be starting in any minute.   Almost everyone was seated and everyone was dressed.  I was the only one not prepared.

Also, in my dream, I said something to my father right upon arrival that we should be thankful that God even gave us the teachings and ministry He has through the servants He provided for us.    My father scoffed at my remark and sarcastically said something like, ‘yeahhhh, right,… whatever!”   and after hearing him say this, I actually felt the Lord’s affliction and His grief at my father’s attitude.   I then, in my dream said to my father (and this was not from me, but from the Holy Spirit to not only him.. but all those with his attitude)  “If you do not repent of your attitude you will be weeping tears in Hell”.    But the way the Lord had me say it was not in indignation and anger, but in deep grief and sadness.  I felt no anger., but only deep sadness that our Lord was feeling with his remark.

Also, the Lord showed me this dream as a warning for myself ..  because what I was wearing was comparable to the man who entered the wedding feast without the garment of the Lord’s choosing.. and he was made to leave.      The garment represents the Lord’s character that the Holy Spirit wants to give us, but we can think   our OWN goodness (garment) is good enough and not feel the need for our Lord to do His inner work within us to transform us.

The casual clothes I was wearing represents the danger of even we Christians to take our spiritual relationship with the Lord too casually.. We can take Him for granted and live a life of compromise and distractions from Him.   Just because we had an initial Salvation experience is not enough.. we need to continue to seek after Him and live our lives in His presence, with a greater desire to love and obey Him.

The fact that we were just coming back from vacation represents how those in the days of Noah and these present times now put too much emphasis and priority on entertainment and leisure (vacations) which are not bad things in themselves, but if not led by the Lord, they can make us preoccupied to leave any time for us with the Lord.  Our being late after returning from a vacation represents how we were not prepared spiritually and lived our lives like one big feel good entertainment vacation.. without being prepared and alert that we were “running late.”

The Lord gave me scriptures of the Parable of the Foolish Virgins and the Parable of the Wedding Feast and man without the wedding garment.

and then I opened to “He and I” asking the Lord if He had anything for me there of further input to go along with His dream He gave me.   This is what I blindly opened to:  “”I have called you to union.  My invitation is for every man, woman and child, yet few have listened.  Very few have responded to the call.  Gabrielle, My little girl, consent to this oneness.  there is still time.  You will console Me and you will make amends for yourself.  You will give Me, as it were, a taste for forgiveness.
     Oh, My little ones, created by Me, what power is yours!  Let your heart overflow with love and gratitude.  What would you find to love outside of Me?” (pge 258- opened blindly after asking God to give me something for this dream)

3 thoughts on “Be Prepared For His Return

  1. So true. Each day is a REAL challenge. We will be judged on what we did with what we had. To whom much is given, much shall be required…the proper attire…Love, Clare

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    • Yes, I am grateful for the Lord to warn me.. and this dream has motivated me much to walk even more circumspectly than before.. and before I THOUGHT I was (but apparantly wasn’t) love, lisa

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