Learning to Let Go


by cindercatz:

I was at the end of a dream, lost to fog, but Jesus was speaking to me basically about priorities or split responsibilities- I’ve lost most of it.  And then I was like, ‘of course’, and started rattling off the scripture around “No man comes to the Father but by me”, and I don’t normally quote scripture in conversation or my dreams…  I’ll tell you what I remember about the setting of the dream too if it helps. Not a whole lot of detail, but I remember He was talking about this to me as we sat in small chairs around a small table on a porch, with a rolling, short grass field behind, and I remember a tree further back. It’s kind of what I think of as a university park, if it were only the two of us and no cars or pavement etc. Naturally well lit, but in the shade of an overhanging roof. Not a lot of detail, but like a teacher and student having a conversation. And then I responded with that section of Scripture in acknowledgement as I woke up. Also, I had said a prayer asking about this in particular just before sleeping, because it’s been so heavily on my mind, initially only slept just over 2, 2 1/2 hours, so it was a very quick answer to that prayer. But it took half the day afterwards for me to put it together. 😛 lol

So, I’ve kind of had a messiah complex most of my life, trying to save everybody. My interest in science was always superceded.. geared to saving the world, the environment, etc. But I was never able to make a path to that end.  Probably good, because I highly leaned toward physics and genetics. And my interest in politics in the past was the same thing. I wanted to save everyone, in terms of a better system but that was also blocked. So I’ve been struggling for years with the idea that not everybody can be saved;  it’s by their own choice, I can’t save everyone.  And the last few months, that transitioned to spiritually. Well, really for years, it’d just hit me. I’d gladly give my earthly life if I could save everyone despite themselves, if it were possible, I keep going back to that. The idea that anybody has to fall and I can’t drag them right back out of the Abyss has eaten at me. So Jesus was telling me that that’s His and His alone, and not my burden.  It’s decided, and I don’t bear that responsibility or have that capability, nor any of us. We only deliver the message as we can and prepare ourselves, and all is His. I thank Him for that. I can let that go now.  And I guess that can be a little testimony for others struggling with the same issue. We have to be ready to let go when it’s time. Lord, I pray for the grace too, that You continue to help us to let You have what’s Yours, so that we’re not held back whenever it’s time, that You continue to help us to release our burdens, and I thank you so much. In Your name Jesus, amen. Thank you.

God bless your dreams. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Yes, I have had that complex too, but not so much in the last year or two. What The Lord did, because I am shy, is give me open eyes, full, wide-open and then I pray to love others as He loves them. Sometimes it’s a slight pressure to do something, sometimes a not so gentle nudging. I am always greatful for those prompts because other thoughts can get in the way of serving. For example, my husband’s spiritual gift is serving and he is so thoughtful. I have three spiritual gift’s, unusual I know, but they are giving, teaching, and prophecy. I cannot do any of these without the Holy Spirit and Christ’s love. I struggled for more than 40 years with his command to witness, and the verses of the ten virgins. I did lead a few to The Lord, those I count “for sure” my two hands could cover, the others are just weeding, watering, or planting seeds. I did learn that it was not me, it was the Spirit, and that the seeds may be choked off by the world’s cares, Still, my own efforts never amounted to much until the last few years when I just began seeking Yeshua and let everything else go. He has opened my eyes to so much now and I believe it is both because I studied to shew myself approved… And I asked Him for the gift of love.
    I don’t have visions, I have dreams and thoughts in my head, and that still small voice, but I did ask The Lord that if it was a choice I had, could He use that vision or time for those in other countries and cultures to increase His fruit. That request was spirit given so I know it will be fulfilled. The time for His coming is so close…
    So to continue your topic, He has put me to work in the last three months at Sunday School, King’s Kids Bible Study, and yes, an after school program at the local elementary, and. Allowed me to bring 5 children to him, of which, I was blessed to see two baptized. In addition, we have taken in two children whose mother has addiction problems, and are now in the process of becoming foster parents despite the negativity of friends and family. I don’t say this to brag, it is The Lord’s work and His love poured out on us to take care of his children. Without my eyes open, I would not have seen the need, been able to work (disabled), or been able to love this addict affected family. Love covers a multitude of sins and it takes away all fear. Thanks so much for your sharing.

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  2. Hi Cindercatz x Lisa sent me this lovely tract this week entitled GRACE. This certainly applies to me -I so want to become NOTHING to His ALL in ALL…….

    Is Grace then not pure? It is, but for a long time it is adulterated by human vanity, which mingles Grace with the Law of Moses and human energies. We say human, because the energy and power of the Holy Spirit is lacking.

    There are many who begin to run well, but who later err in that they set out on a campaign to conquer the world for Christ. Their ways, carriage and words reveal a feverish restlessness as if their task demanded more time and effort than that which is humanly possible to give. They appear to be labouring under a great burden. Everything they do shows that they want to be earnest for the Lord. They want to become great saints, tireless workers etc. But failure awaits them, and alas, many have ended in despair.

    They have been studying relentlessly, anxious to become singular saints, and strain every nerve to win souls in order to convert the world to Christ. Be patient My brother…. .I surmise your objections. Listen to my questions……what is the motive at the back of all your struggling and work? Do you really desire only Gods Glory? Is there no spiritual vanity in you? Are you really desiring to remain unknown…even to yourself?

    Listen! Swallow this little pill which will in time be salutary to you. GOD HAS NO NEED OF YOU. He carries the government of the Universe without your assistance. The sun will rise and set without your efforts. You are NOT NECESSARY. God in His Mercy CONDESCENDS to use you, for He wants to make you something for His Kingdom.

    You are an UNPROFITABLE servant, even if you succeed to do everything He may command of you. You do not know how many times He has to adjust what you have not said or have done wisely, humbly or timely!

    What then? PURE GRACE is the answer. Nothing is NOTHING. The Lord is the I AM to those who know they they are NOT. He becomes the ALL IN ALL to those who become NOTHING before their own eyes. And the knowledge of this nothingness must be so ingrained in you that you must even forget that you are nothing. Please do not parade your own insignificance or unworthiness. FORGET YOURSELF ENTIRELY and remain in Gods Hands as a nobody. He will then use you more effectually than you ever imagine or hope. But you will not even discover how much He has used you. If you enter the realm of Grace – I mean PURE GRACE- you will even stop saying that you are serving people. But will enter the condition prophesied of in Revelation 22:3 …”And His servants shall serve Him” Someone translates “ And the bond-servants of Him shall publicly serve Him”.
    Such servants will not think of themselves, of their holiness, nor even boast that they are serving people. They will be SO IMMERSED IN GOD that they will not even notice if they are doing any work for Him…..Eternity will reveal it………GRACE – PURE GRACE.
    (author unknown)

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    • Wow, Sis, I did not realize how that tract totally applies to what our brother cindercatz was learning in his dream from the Lord.. awesome! 🙂

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      • Maybe that’s why you sent it to me 😀 …..we all really need to be like LITTLE CHILDREN right now….it says in Romans if we go back under the the Law then we will again be judged. Why would we abandon GRACE….. We need to strive to enter into the Hebrews 4 Sabbath Rest ie: GRACE/YESHUA.
        I heard a lovely story about Faith this week a picture of a little child stuck up in a tree and the FATHER says “Jump I will catch you”……and the child in blind faith jumps knowing that the Father loves and protects the child always and will NOT fail to catch them…..that is what is needed the faith of a LOVED child. Please Lord give me that faith x

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  3. Oh how wonderfully you all have bless me and others on this blogspot and website. I have dreams to share and flash visions and will find the right spots to share them if there is time. It is hard to know where to start but I have developed an obsessive desire to see souls saved out of the fire and awakened from their complicity!

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