From Jesus to His Bride

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“Oh, how sweet is your love, My Bride. How you have ravished My heart, My Beloved. I am very deeply in love with you, My treasure. I yearn for the day when I will take you in My arms and you will always be with Me and share in my glory.

I have waited for you to grow up. Just as a young girl prepares for her wedding day so has the Holy Spirit been preparing you and making you beautiful for Me. I have prepared a beautiful place for us, My love. Be ready, and listen for My voice, for I am about to to come for you with great joy and anticipation, leaping upon the mountains and skipping over the hills. And I will call unto you, ‘Arise, My beloved, My fair one, and come away with Me for our Wedding celebration!’

Just as a bride and groom stand hand in hand and face to face as they are united in Holy Matrimony, so we will be, My Beloved Bride, on that soon glorious coming day. The dawn of our Wedding Day is about to appear, and oh, how I long for you, My beloved!” ~ Jesus

~Given from Jesus to  Yearning4Yeshuah who requested we share this here

This is also shared on Yearning4Yeshuah’s blog at

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