Our Bridegroom Loves Humility


I want to share a dream I had today early morning.  Two women were getting ready for marriage. One was me, the other woman was richly adorned and looked beautiful.  I was poorly dressed and felt lowly.  I also thought I am not beautiful enough but the “Groom” chose me and left her.  It might mean being clothed in humility for i saw this in Bro.todd’s video.  Whatever might be our preparation for the wedding, pride destroys all the other beauties.

~ Nithya Krishna

6 thoughts on “Our Bridegroom Loves Humility

    • Amen sis… Nithya posted that dream on my channel and I know God wanted me to hear that for myself … all of us could benefit from it. There is a woman on Youtube named “Uriel” who had some very inspired videos some months ago.. havnt seen her online for awhile. But anyway, over a year ago, she had a video titled “The White Anaconda” about spiritual pride.. how that is one of the most sneakiest subtle prides Christians can be infected by.. the pride from the WHITE snakes.. because we can be bitten by that type of evil after we have been used by the Lord a lot, and other Christians then pat us on the back and say, “ohhh, sister, ohh, Brother, your messages are always such a blessing to me… I LOVVVE the way you speak”.., etc.. , Or we can be aware of other people noticing how much we are suffering or sacrificing over something and then it becomes an “ego” trip for us without us realizing it. And if we are not totally under the influence and communion of the Holy Spirit, we can open the door to spiritual pride.. (white anaconda). Once the Holy Spirit makes us recognize this, then we can repent and He will cleanse us of this spirit.
      When we are stuck in the World, we can be infected by the pride of popularity, materialsm, being respected by others, etc.. but this spirit of pride can take on more subtle dimensions after we receive Jesus and become a Christian. Thank God for the Holy Spirit to reveal these things to us when we fall into this… and to keep us on our toes!

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  1. In the bible YHWH tells us that Leviathon is Pride and He describes it really well in Job. He tells us that it has many scales ( many demons operating over it to protect it from being touched). He also says that it is impossible to kill in our own strength it is the BIG one. He says we must ask Yeshua to “break the neck” of Leviathon to kill it. So very true. The examples you quote affect us all – we even do something nice for someone and then we congratulates OURSELVES as we walk away….the human condition it is so hard to deal with – without Jesus we cannot do it. I always joke to young christians that SELF/PRIDE are like those REALLY bad zombie movies ….. You keep slaying them and then they just keep coming back uglier and more decomposed than before – impossible to kill until Yeshua takes us home….thankfully He is coming soon – come Lord Jesus COME x

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