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The Alabaster Box

HI Clare,
I just want to share what I was shown while I was with the Lord last night – He didn’t speak to me but He did show me this…….He truly does love us and desires our Praise and Adoration!
Wednesday 20th May
83552142While in prayer tonight I saw a very beautiful and vivid image of an ALABASTER BOX it was rectangular in shape with a Gold Filigree base with 4 lions paws as legs at each corner.  The alabaster was Amber in colour with Golden streaks through it – it was streaked like marble.  The bottom half of the alabaster was encased by the Golden Basket.  Inside the box was OIL – amber in colour…….SPIKENARD aromatic perfume and the box was SEALED.  I felt in my spirit that it was a ROYAL CASKET with its very expensive ornate lower gold casing. As I looked at it it became filled with the Shekinah of Elohim which shone through the gold and amber alabaster – showing its beauty and design.
I did not know what the relevance was of the Alabaster box so I did a search online and came up with it being mentioned in the Bible in two places as the Vase used by Mary to anoint Jesus’s feet. This was apparently the customary thing to do in Jesus’s time on earth.  The Spikenard was very costly and was part of the DOWRY that the bride brought with her on her wedding night.  She would anoint the groom before the consummation of the marriage.  The symbolism of this act is very powerful indeed.  Symbolically Spikenard represents the WORSHIP AND ADORATION OF THE BRIDE.
But as I read all this I thought this is not the whole truth. The images being shown of “Hebrew Alabaster Boxes” were all of tall and slender vases and I had seen a Casket and a very ornate one at that!   My spirit felt that WE are the Alabaster box.  Alabaster looks like marble and has the same beauty as Marble but is a softer stone that can be CARVED AND SHAPED.  It has transparency so that LIGHT can shine through it.
 A further search showed that amber alabaster represents LOVE and MARRIAGE.  The Gold filigree basket that encased it gave it FRAME and SUPPORT and PROTECTION – Gold represents DEITY -The Ark of the Covenant was GOLD encasing wood showing Yeshua’s Deity and His Humanity combined. The Gold Case had the feet of a lion – THE LION OF JUDAH Our Yeshua.  It was SEALED – we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.  The LIGHT of YHWH was WITHIN IT and shone outwards to show its beauty and to ILLUMINATE ITS WORLD.   The warm oil within it was costly and perfumed COMPRISING THE GIFT THAT THE BOX CONTAINED……..The OIL of our worship and Praise is THE GIFT WE BRING TO OUR BRIDEGROOM TO ANOINT HIM WITH DUE PRAISE AND ADORATION ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT……………….A ROYAL GIFT PREPARED BY THE FATHER for the His Son the KING OF KINGS from His Beloved Bride…
Please let me know if any of you see anything more than I have written because I am still trying to understand the significance of this vision.
Debra H.

One Who Ran Into the Ark In Time!

I just want to add my prayers to the many already in your corner. I pray that you and Ezekiel receive the strength you need to deal with whatever you must.  If it is the Lord’s will, I certainly hope that Ezekiel feels better!  If He needs to use our suffering for His own ends, then I pray for your husband to receive the strength, grace, and mercy he needs, until this difficult time is over. I will pray for him every day.

I need to thank you for giving voice to your faults, Clare, which sound — oh, so much — like my own that it’s scary.  🙂  I was SO happy (and please don’t take this the wrong way 🙂 ) to hear that I was not the only one to experience these stumbling blocks. Sometimes I think that I am the only one to have these issues…like everyone received “the manual” but me.  🙂  It really helped me to hear that you struggle with many of the same issues that I do.  Thank you for being human enough to admit how human you are.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to “keep the ship afloat.”  I pray that you receive whatever it is that you need to do just that.  🙂  And maintain your peace, when I know how painful it is for you to continue to wait.

I can only say that I have absolutely NO doubt that the Lord led me to your channel.  I had absolutely no reason to be there. At a time when I was especially lost and in pain. And I KNOW is that if He had come for His Bride then, I would surely have missed everything…including the fact that He was really coming!!  I have been clueless, searching, and in pain, both physically and spiritually, for so long, and I had no idea that Jesus Christ was the perfect fit to the ever-growing hole in my heart. I had no clue.

Now I am forever grateful to have the opportunity — short though it may be — to try to live as He would want me to; to rest my head in his heart (I use my imagination for this one); to break away from the world (harder than I thought). This is all new to me, but, as I stumble along, I am trying my best. I, for one, am grateful to you and Ezekiel, because I know that you both want to go and wish that the Rapture would arrive….but please know that I am one of those very souls that the Lord has asked you to wait for…and I truly appreciate it.  🙂

I am still trying to figure out how to divorce myself from the world, while, at the same time, give away everything that I was told by others to stock up on.  It seems that I did quite a bit of stocking!

I wish you both the very best. You are in my prayers

The Heart of the Dove- Poem


the Lord gave me this one just recently when like you I was crying tears of agony over my loved ones ….

The Heart of the Dove
My heart sings to You like a sad plaintive dove
its swells and groans as it fills with my love
for the lost and the dying whose fate seems as sealed
by their turning away and refusing to yield

Oh what does it take to save them from hell
oh what can I say and what could I tell
for the louder I scream and the longer I shout
the less that they hear me and care not about

A time that is coming – that is running to meet
all the people I love and whose souls that I seek
… ravage and kill – to destroy and to take
all the beauty and goodness of those that You made

To be blessed to be joyful – to express your great life
to go forth into Glory and to be as your Wife
A people of wonder – a people of grace
All children together – all part of a race

Of Gods chosen people as Magnificent as Him
Who loved us and bought us – who died for our Sin
Who stretched forth His Hand with nothing but love
and offered a future – Eternal – Above


An enemy embittered and filled with his hate
has sought to destroy us and to share in his fate
The world quite enchanted and under his spell –
believes not in satan and knows nothing of hell

That terrible place was created for him
for powers of darkness and his viral sin
That all who defy and refuse Gods great GRACE
WILL SHARE IN HIS FORTUNES and unite in that place

And how can we now rejoice in our Wedding
when those that we love will know no such blessing
When we sing and we dance and we praise Him for ever
for the love and gifts and the Joy of our Father

Oh my Sweet Saviour – hear the song of my heart
as it weeps and it bleeds and it tries to impart
All the deep and great sorrows your Heart also feels
as it hopes upon hopes that they yet still may Yield

~Through Debbie Holland 12/02/14

Vision of Asteroid Near-Miss


I received a vision last night (5/14 – 5/15/15) about a news broadcast saying that the world had a near miss asteroid. Apparently, this asteroid was supposed to hit yesterday. God is NOT going to hold back for much longer. I’ve been praying on behalf of the Watchman for God to gives us (humans) some more time. I really don’t think he’s going to hold back anymore. He’s gonna go for the jugular. Keep repenting everyday until Jesus’ return even though we lucked out this round.

-Love, Nicole

editors note :   Last week, I hear the words, “Fleeting moments” spoke to me while I was in prayer…lisa

He Heals our Hearing

Jesus- King in Exile


The featured image is a clip from the movie, The Passion of Christ.,  and this is one of my favorite scenes.. where Jesus , about to be roughly seized and taken into custody,  gently heals the ear of the high priest’s guard whom Peter had used his sword against.    The actor, Ben Caveziel, sincerely portrays the demeanor of Jesus- His gentleness and compassion even toward His enemies who hated Him.   Ben relayed in an interview how he had asked Jesus to guide him in how to portray Him appropriately, and he actually felt “a Presence” with him through all of the tapings.   This was the Holy Spirit, and you can see the evidence of the Holy Spirit through this actor .. all because He sincerely wanted to glorify Jesus and bring honor to Him in portraying Him.    Ben was open to “hear” the Holy Spirit’s leading in his job of portraying…

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The Two Joseph’s and Jesus

Jesus- King in Exile

6j     Carl_Bloch_The_Entombment_of_Christ_525

Wile reading Max Lucado’s book, “This is Love”, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me something I never had considered before.  The significance of Joseph, his earthly father and Joseph of Arimithea, one of Isreal’s religious leaders or “fathers”.

One led a simple materially poor life and was only able to provide a livestock shelter for Mary upon Jesus’s birth.   The other Joseph who came later in Jesus’s life , was comfortably well-off, yet out of his love and reverence for Jesus, was able to offer Him a garden tomb for a rich man with 75 lb.’s of costly ointment- the amount used for anointing royalty. Joseph of Arimithea secretly realized Jesus was more than just some ordinary prophet.. He is the king of all Kings.  the Number 75 is significant too.  7 + 5 = 12.. and the number twelve is an apostolic number representing not just disciples, but apostles of Jesus.  Apostles are those who are…

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Not Tomorrow, Not Yesterday, But TODAY!

I stand at the door and knock
Now, now…Just Now
Earlier this week I was trying to set aside my days off from work to be totally with the Lord.,  but I made the mistake of watching a video that, while the Lord had inspired it, it was not something He wanted me to be focusing my attention on at that moment.    It was regarding the upcoming Shemitah this September 2015, … an interview with Jonathan Cahn who recommended preparing for what crisis is due to occur at that time, due to the United State’s hardness of heart and the seven year cycles of warnings God has permitted for us and Israel.
     I became preoccupied and worried about my 401k rollover , where I have some conservative stocks that I was obsessing if I should exchange them for bonds, .etc..  due to this upcoming Shemitah.       This got in the way of my personal time with the Lord…   and robbed me of my joy of being with Him.
   I was reminded that all of these things are not going to last anyway, and our Home is not here on this Earth.    The only reason I even have a 401k is due to starting up one at an insurance company I used to work at years ago.  When I quit there, I needed to roll the money over or else pay heavy penalty fees.    So out of fear, I just rolled it over into my insurance company’s own 401k .     Since I am single and know I will be living on an extremely limited income, with hardly any social security by the time I retire, I felt having this would keep me from being homeless by the time I’m 75.    Forget about luxuries or cruises..
Well, my straying from the Lord that day by watching that video anyway, opened the door to a lot of anxiety and I wasn’t truly able to connect with the Lord all that day afterwards.  I also had to be at work the next day and was not happy.  That evening I asked the Lord to please help.  Should I wait until another  me.. “should I concern myself about my IRA right now?” I asked Him.  Opening up at random to a book I purchased of a woman’s personal testimony with the Lord, I came to a chapter with the heading, “Provision By Heavenly Provider”.   Not a coincidence, I realized!..  I  told no one about this situation between me and the Lord and my spiritual “ADHD” and anxiety over the future,     but a friend of mine who has been baptized by the Holy Spirit years ago, sent me an email with a personal message from our Lord.   One part of it was separate from the rest of the message and was emailed to me separately.
    It was our Lords’ words through her which said this:   “He is the God of now!  So do not fret in the day… just for the moment you have;  Not the one before or the one to come– now, now… just now.” 
I emailed my friend that this was more than a coincidence… and she had no way of knowing.   The next morning I received her reply in my gmail, but I could not find that original message she sent me whatsoever.  Luckily I had copied down the message in my journal.   in fact, my friend seemed to be unsure what I was referring to in her reply.     It was as though the Lord emailed me separately using my friend’s email and it was only meant for that moment in time for me.     not the past, nor the future, but this moment in time is where He can be found..  in the Now!.
update 5/17/2015- 8:05 am.    In my morning devotions before getting ready for Sunday school this morning, this is what the Lord gave me from His words in ‘He and I”:   “My Child, ponder ore often on the value of the present moment, the danger of going back over the past and the uselessness of gazing into the future.  Just live the moment you have in your hands simply and lovingly.”
Earlier this morning in prayer, I heard the words with Him using my own thoughts to speak them, say “Moments fleeting“.
lisa aug.