Vision of Jesus with Angels in the Sky


Hi Mrs. Clare, my dear sister in JESUS CHRIST: I actually want to share with all of you a vision that I have on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. I was ready to go to sleep, and I was listening to one of your videos with my eyes closed but I was awake. I did not realize what I was  looking at, then I saw a line of very thin tree with a lot of leaves of different colors:  dark green, brown, light green.    I asked THE LORD: What is this that I am looking at?  Then I started seeing down to the ground;  it was cloudy in the beginning but as it was getting closer to me, I realized that it was people;   many people- a huge multitude of people. They all were looking to the sky.    Then I saw in the sky a cloud with a little dark in the center.  As the cloud was getting closer to me, I could see heads;  they got closer and closer to me.   Then I could see they all were Angels surrounding THE LORD JESUS! I kept asking THE LORD, “Why am I looking at this, LORD? What are you trying to tell me? I really like this”.

But I opened my eyes, closed them again and I couldn’t see anything else. Dear Clare, for my understanding THE LORD is getting closer to the Earth. Any way THE LORD JESUS still has not answered  me. GOD bless you all in JESUS NAME AMEN.

~ Silvia Taylor

2 thoughts on “Vision of Jesus with Angels in the Sky

  1. Trees in the bible can mean people – Daniel 4:20-22 Those who are great / Isaiah 61:3 Oaks of Righteousness……this vision is of the Rapture \o/ how exciting we ARE going home soon x thank you for sharing x

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