Called to Arise!

Hey Clare, just the other day I had a dream…I saw a necklace made of stars and a hand was over it and I heard, “Arise, Arise oh butterfly“….and the stars lifted up.  After study, I found that the stars were Angels and we are the butterflies.  After I posted the dream a lady sent me a link to a word you had gotten about a butterfly..I thought it was pretty cool!!! We were being called to arise!!!
~Rhonda Empson
Here is Rhonda’s video she uploaded  which touches on this dream:

One thought on “Called to Arise!

  1. Hi Rhonda xxx the Lord often shows me things in Heaven and I have often seen myself CLOTHED IN STARS – He adorns His Bride in Gold as transparent as glass – with LIGHT and STARS – we are truly Beautiful and Magnificent when we are clothed in HIS GLORY……. I feel that this necklace was a gift from Him to you and that His Hand on it was an anointing – an impartation of HIs Love and Spirit to you to empower you to follow Him……I presume the necklace was over your HEART? He is calling you as His Bride to wake up and fly and follow Him……….the necklace was a betrothal gift I feel x And Butterflies are an anomaly in the animal Kingdom – no other life form METAMORPHOSES into a NEW CREATION and then goes from being grubby and earth bound to heavenly and ethereal ………ps Stars are Angels in bible symbology but maybe in this case they were just adornments of Heavenly LIGHT – Shekinah

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