Walking With the King


Walking with the King
17th May 2015
Today whilst with Yeshua we walked together. He led me by the hand along a wide walkway leading up to some steps and then again into a pathway which entered a formal garden on either side. The path had a low hedge edging it and there were children playing in the gardens and running in and among the trees.
Yeshua had on a tapestry coat which fell to the floor with a small train – a white gown underneath of it – and He was wearing a small simple crown.
I said to Him “Lord you have never worn Your Crown before!” and He replied smiling “I AM a King you know….I wanted you to see Who it is you are marrying!” He looked very Regal and Powerful…..”You will be a Queen one day – had you thought of that?”
I replied “I think I prefer You in Your Bali track pants and white Blouse that you had on yesterday to You in Your Kingly attire!”
He answered saying “That is because you do not know how to relate to Me as the King of kings. If I was to reveal Myself to you in ALL OF MY GLORY you would fall down and be filled with fear as others have in the bible. But I do not reveal Myself that way to My Bride…..to Her I AM tender and gentle.”
I asked ” How do You want me to be Adonai?” and He said “I just want you TO BE – TO BE with Me”. I held both of His Hands together and pressed my head into them in reverence to the King…..whom I love.
Suddenly I was looking at us both from a distance and I saw that I was now dressed like Him in a white gown covered in a long golden embroidered tapestry overcoat with a train and was wearing a small gold crown. (We both looked VERY fine but I felt that this was NOT His formal Kingly attire rather His daily informal look which He wore at His country estates).
I said ” I am worried that I am not ready Lord” My heart revealing its deepest thought. He replied “fear opens a gate – DO NOT FEAR – YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS NOT REQUIRED MINE IS – I JUST NEED YOUR FAITH AND YOUR WILLINGNESS.” I asked about a previous vision where I had seen my brother in law who had passed on “is that real Lord or is it that You use these visions to show us something symbolic?’ “No it is real…..VERY REAL….THE WORLD IS THE ILLUSION and Heaven is Real – THE WORLD IS A PALE SHADOW OF THE HEAVENS.

D. Hollandjesus-the-king-of-kings

4 thoughts on “Walking With the King

  1. Debbie, this is just so breathtaking.. and we all first must receive Jesus as the Lamb of God.. When we are identified with Him in His Crown of thorns and nails, we will later be taken by Him as His very Own.. His Bride and queen.
    Wow.. Jesus, please help us to be faithful to our Callings, so that we will not count our lives worth anything on this Earth, and to allow You to prepare us for the true Life with You … right now many of us are like the “shrews” as in that novel and play, “The Taming of the Shrew”. We are soooo far from becoming Your Bride and future queen.. Please help us and do what You have to in us to prepare us for that Day when we will no longer be the shrew, but will become Yours.. and like You.

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  2. Hi Lisa one day soon we will be set free from the Flesh (the Shrew) and then we will be “like Hm” 1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
    1John 3:2 Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.
    The enemy uses the Shrew to discourage us and try to disqualify us but those of us who are truly Born Again and Holy Spirit filled are truly NEW CREATIONS … and SPIRITUALLY perfect before YHWH through Christ Jesus Who dwells within us. CHRIST IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY!

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    • That is true, however when one is backslidden spiritually as I have been for many decades after first being saved when I was 16, I am not exactly His new Creation yet. My past years of disobedience drove out the Spirit of God from me, so now I am more like Saul than like how David . Saul was blessed as I was but due to his disobedience, the Spirit of God left him, and that is the case with me. Only due to the extreme intervention of some saints … like my late grandparents, and late pastor who liked me a lot, etc., am I even been given a second chance. So back in 2012, the Holy Spirit began waking me back up with the urgency that if I do not respond, there will not be another chance. So I felt this sense of urgency .. now it is like I am climbing a hill to get back to Jesus and the Hill is my Self nature that is very hard to fight against. It’s a day by day struggle. Befor when I was first saved and had not disobeyed Him , I was blessed with so much grace, but now grace has been withdrawn and I am like Adam.. having to “till the soil” in hardship against myself constantly fighting against my self-nature..


  3. When the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts He births our spirits and UNITES with them. We become ONE with Him. At that point of time we become a NEW creation – a spiritual being who is still working out its reality in a flesh body. In this arena we continue to grow and learn the things that develop us for the Kingdom of God. We may move into ministry (not necessarily in a church) or we may backslide – either way we are MARKED as Children of God and Satan seeks to hurt us and thwart us at every turn. While we are “learning” the lessons of our life we are also determining our status in the Kingdom and also our rewards – some gold – some silver – some wood – some straw ! Cor 3:12. We may lose everything but our spirits being joined to YHWH cannot be lost. Romans 11:29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.
    We may change our mind for a season and fall away But thankfully God NEVER changes His Mind. It says in Psalm 139 that “every one of our days is written in His Book from BEFORE time began” That means that our backslidings and sins were also known and predestined. It is all what Abba uses to make us TRULY love Him – once we turn back we never fall away again………..He knows His children and what it will take to get the world OUT of them!. Jesus said that “not one of those who were His would be taken out of His hand!” What you may be dealing with is a demonic stronghold or generational ties or curses…..these things use our flesh to express themselves – and although Christians cannot be possessed – they certainly can be oppressed. These demons are easy to deal with using the Name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus. Please feel free ANYONE if you need help in this area write to me at dbholland@hotmail.com xxx He can clean us up pretty quickly once we are back home again and we can use what we have learned to help others xxx

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