“I Call You to Save the Few- The Hard to Reach Ones..”


The Library in the Park – Tues 19th May 2015

Today Yeshua took me by the hand and led me through a garden area to what looked like a huge old building…it was high with a roof and the ground floor was made up of huge granite pillars – all open to the elements.  In my spirit I thought “what about the wind? – oh thats ok here there is no wind or rain so this makes perfect sense.”  There were about 20 pillars down the sides and about 10 across the front of the building – it was maybe about 200 hundred feet long by about 100 feet wide.

The Brilliant Light from outside streamed through the gaps between the pillars and it was lovely and peaceful inside with a soft half light – kind of shady but not in the sense of darkness more restful…hard to describe.

Outside were many huge trees – oaks and sycamores and some I could not name – under them were people sitting and reading in seats, or little arbors and some just lying in the grass.  Just relaxing in the wonderful light that was everywhere.  It looked like a huge beautiful park and there was a small lake and a path that wandered around the whole area.

Inside were many large tables with chairs around them and also there were occasional chairs dotted everywhere.  The upper area had a viewing gallery around its sides with book shelves lining the walls and windows set at regular intervals.  Light shone down into the middle through these windows also.  There was a stone balustrade made up of many little pillars was all around the upper area – the middle area was open to the ceiling which was ornate.

He took me to two large brown winged backed leather armchairs and we sat down.  I was very anxious and worried that I WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTABLE TO BE RAPTURED OR TO BE THE BRIDE.  So I moved my chair so that I could face Him – I NEEDED to talk seriously about the matter.

I said to Him “I have ALWAYS wanted to be the Bride of Yeshua – what is required?”  He said “I have CALLED you always as a Bride.  Spoken tender words of Love to you – YEARNED for you to come to me as you do now.”  ( I felt great tenderness towards Him as He spoke these words to me).  ‘I allowed you to suffer to help to prepare you – you too have known betrayal like Me”.  I replied “How do you bear it Lord I felt it once – you a BILLION times over.”  He said “I AM YHWH remember not JUST man. I cry many tears – feel the pain but it does not kill me”.
“How can we minister to You Yeshua to lighten Your burden?”…..He said “Be kind and loving – balance out the evil by being Christ in your world.  You are the Bride – I have purposefully kept you OUT of the Church and RELIGION to keep you from being defiled.  I DETEST RELIGION!  Yes you have been defiled by sins of the world but I have kept you from learning the ways of the church.  I want you to LOVE PEOPLE …..tell them you are a Christian – give Me the Glory – talk openly about Me.  I have placed SPECIFIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.  When you are taken they will KNOW Rapture is truth by your disappearance……Remember years ago I told you a parable about the flamingoes.   (As a young christian I had a dream that I was flying up in the clouds in and amongst thousands of beautiful flamingoes)….. and then the Lord spoke to me and said “you think that MORE IS BETTER – that if you save MANY souls you will please me – but I do not measure things that way!  I do not call you to save the many as in these flamingoes that all look the same!  I call you to save the few – the hard to reach ones” and He showed a few gawky screeching ANNOYING Parrots high up in some trees.


He said “I do not measure things by quantity as you do but by the few rare and precious ones that I CALL” ……(I never forgot that message!) .  I told you NOT MANY FLAMINGOES but a FEW SQUAWKING PARROTS (rare, colourful and eccentric) and that is what you have.  He listed the names of the people in my life who I am interceding for.  Get My Brides ready!”

D. Holland

13 thoughts on ““I Call You to Save the Few- The Hard to Reach Ones..”

    • wow.. awesome! the crowds and multitudes still followed Jesus but their experience with Him was more of a desire to follow Him for “the loaves and the fishes” , the miracles and the healings. Then there is that Remnant that want to follow Him for Himself and are more interested in being united with Him than in what He can do for them. That would be the Bride ! I do agree with you that the Bride is not the entire Church Body, but those of His Remnant Who choose to share with Him in everything.. not just the joys.., but also the sorrows. So true Sis! not very many Christians receive that truth. I feel in my heart that is the truth!

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  1. Weird in a good way, and touching. I know it’s more than coincidence. Today I was writing on the third chapter of my book on the Bride and Bridegroom and something was off- the piece I was using didn’t fit, but All I could think of was “the dress, the bride dress”. And I couldn’t find the piece I’d written. It was written in “the Betrayal” piece. This does not make sense to you, but it was a perfect fit to the Chapter. The book is related to Revelation and why we should not be afraid as The Bride. The Betrayal piece talks about how as women we are taught to be a bride from when we are little and we are betrayed often by our own family or friends and by Satan’s work in our lives as soon as we are saved. The piece is my witness to what occurred in my life, but Our Blessed Lord showed me how He went through betrayal too, and more importantly, how all that we were taught as little girls is true for those belonging to Him. The white dress, the veil, the shoes, the feeling beautiful and loved, the walking down the aisle before friends and family, and so much more. Jesus suffered so much more in His betrayal, but it was so our hopes and dreams could be attained in Him. When I read the piece I had written with His help, I began to cry.
    When I read your piece above, it hit the same spot, deep in my spirit. God is good.

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  2. Yes the Bride is the great Prize that Paul wrote about in Philipians 3:10 – 14 A great Mystery….the church was a mystery to the early believers who were Jewish in character……but the the Bride is an ever greater mystery. Paul talks about hoping to attain to be part of those resurrected “out from” those who are being resurrected (raptured). And then goes on to say that this is the great prize to be saught. He uses two different words for resurrection anastasis and then ex- anastasis (ex meaning out from). This is not seen in all translations where they for some strange reason use the same word anastasis.
    The difference between the Bride and the Body – one is wife and the other is family – brothers and sisters – ALL LOVED – ALL PRECIOUS – ALL FOREKNOWN – PREDESTINED – CALLED.
    But from within the Body is a RIB taken out. A gift from the Father – a special gift of Love from Him – He has chosen each of the Bride by hand (heart) and His Heart has painted the Heart of each of the Bride. They have been fashioned in the furnace of affliction and all bear the hallmark of Yeshua…..suffering – which has made them deeply beautiful.
    These beautiful portraits when combined will form a BREATHTAKING SPECTACLE that ALL of Creation – the Ben Elohim ( sons of God – Angels) and all the hosts of Heaven and everything in all of YHWH’s Kingdoms will be amazed at. Their breath will be taken away as they see what the Father has Created IN SECRET from before the Creation for his Son Jesus.
    There is a special gift within each of the Bride unique to each of them – something that ONLY the Father knows will bless Yeshua’s Heart and fulfill His desires. And when they are all brought together from all over the centuries it will be amazing….. the Fathers GREATEST Creation – the PINNACLE of His love for Yeshua.
    To be part of this group is an enigma because it has nothing to do with works or position…… the FATHER CHOOSES HER in judaic tradition. I hope with all my heart that one of the signs might be that you know that there is a BRIDE and that you yearn to be her xxx

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    • Hi sister., I do long to be part of His Bride.. I know I will share to a measure with His sufferings, but that’s okay.. it’s all good because He is that Prize for us.
      I guess He is still giving me grace after all., because on my own I don’t normally like to suffer! hugs, lisa

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    • Sis, I was rereading your comment and this part really touched me: ” But from within the Body is a RIB taken out. A gift from the Father – a special gift of Love from Him – He has chosen each of the Bride by hand (heart) and His Heart has painted the Heart of each of the Bride. They have been fashioned in the furnace of affliction and all bear the hallmark of Yeshua…..suffering – which has made them deeply beautiful.”
      Wow… this is truly beautiful.. I don’t know if I have that calling or not, but I desire it!

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  3. Many do not even know that there is a Bride – I think if we know about the Bride and yearn to be that to Yeshua then He has placed that desire into our hearts………How do you see yourself with Him….is it as a friend walking along a lovely path or is it holding Him and comforting Him…….the heart know what it knows just as in real life – we meet someone and we know immediately if they are a friend or a lover 😀

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    • I see myself walking next to Him on a lovely a path but I’m holding His hand, and He’s holding mine.. and also, I visualize myself sitting down near Him with my tired head resting on His bosom 🙂 and His arm around me ..*sigh*!

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  4. Do you visualize these things or does it just come to you at random times? Please help me out because I want to have visions too but I don’t understand how they work.


    • Hi Child of God… for me I am just visualizing these things .. But with Debbie Holland, our Lord is actually leading her as she is deep in prayer.. He is leading her entire meditation HIS way and she just listens to Him and allows Him to show her what He wants to through her spiritual eyes.
      In my case, I mostly just imagine and visualize on my own whatever idea pops in my head. What sometimes happens is that when I do this, our Lord will condescend to encourage me and sometimes will add His own spin on my visualization! An example is when I was meditating on a gated garden. I visualized myself running over to Him barefoot and I was taken by surprise that after I said, “Look Lord, I have no shoes on! 🙂 all of a sudden He picked me up and began to carry me! and it was as though even though I used my own imagination, He interceded and added His own “spin” on what I was visualizing! .. so it goes to show you that He truly hears and sees all our thoughts and imaginations!

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  5. Hi Child of God x as a young Christian I just used to FEELl Jesus’s Presence when I prayed – I could almost see Him but not quite! He was kind of fuzzy but He had Hands and Feet and Shoulders and was bigger than me and Manly. Over time I started to see flashing glimpses of His Hands or maybe His Feet as I looked down while praying(eyes closed) – sometimes a side glance of His Face. For me it started with me choosing two places to “meet” with Him. The first one was the garden in Song of Solomon SOS 4:12 – I would sit there and talk to Him and visualize the plants trees the smells……The second place was the River in The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23 – to me this was a place I used to go to when I was upset or stressed and I would lie down in the grass besides the still waters. He was always there with me – I could feel His presence.
    One day when I was terribly upset as my brother in law had just committed suicide and left my sister and two little ones devastated. I lay on the bed crying and suddenly He was over me….He had His left hand under my head and His Right Hand around my waist and He was looking down at me with such love that I was physically shocked – like an electric shock . That was the first time I saw that he actually did love me…that it wasn’t just words that people told me. That inspired me to seek Him more ardently afterwards. And He rewarded that with more and more open visions of Him. I personally have found that in the beginning He was most present in the HARD times. But now that I know that he is always waiting He is easy to find He is always here in my heart. It is me who needs to come to the table 😀 I also have to confess that for years and years He called to me and I was always too busy being selfish to come to Him……Falling out of love with the world has taken a LONG time for me. But now that I have I have His undivided attentions x

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    • Wow, Sis, that is truly beautiful.. and how He showed you His deepest love when you were at your lowest point in your life regarding your brother-in-law and the grief of your sister. Thank you so much for posting that Our King and Son of God is just Beautiful

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