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Walking With the King


Walking with the King
17th May 2015
Today whilst with Yeshua we walked together. He led me by the hand along a wide walkway leading up to some steps and then again into a pathway which entered a formal garden on either side. The path had a low hedge edging it and there were children playing in the gardens and running in and among the trees.
Yeshua had on a tapestry coat which fell to the floor with a small train – a white gown underneath of it – and He was wearing a small simple crown.
I said to Him “Lord you have never worn Your Crown before!” and He replied smiling “I AM a King you know….I wanted you to see Who it is you are marrying!” He looked very Regal and Powerful…..”You will be a Queen one day – had you thought of that?”
I replied “I think I prefer You in Your Bali track pants and white Blouse that you had on yesterday to You in Your Kingly attire!”
He answered saying “That is because you do not know how to relate to Me as the King of kings. If I was to reveal Myself to you in ALL OF MY GLORY you would fall down and be filled with fear as others have in the bible. But I do not reveal Myself that way to My Bride… Her I AM tender and gentle.”
I asked ” How do You want me to be Adonai?” and He said “I just want you TO BE – TO BE with Me”. I held both of His Hands together and pressed my head into them in reverence to the King…..whom I love.
Suddenly I was looking at us both from a distance and I saw that I was now dressed like Him in a white gown covered in a long golden embroidered tapestry overcoat with a train and was wearing a small gold crown. (We both looked VERY fine but I felt that this was NOT His formal Kingly attire rather His daily informal look which He wore at His country estates).
I said ” I am worried that I am not ready Lord” My heart revealing its deepest thought. He replied “fear opens a gate – DO NOT FEAR – YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS NOT REQUIRED MINE IS – I JUST NEED YOUR FAITH AND YOUR WILLINGNESS.” I asked about a previous vision where I had seen my brother in law who had passed on “is that real Lord or is it that You use these visions to show us something symbolic?’ “No it is real…..VERY REAL….THE WORLD IS THE ILLUSION and Heaven is Real – THE WORLD IS A PALE SHADOW OF THE HEAVENS.

D. Hollandjesus-the-king-of-kings

“I Call You to Save the Few- The Hard to Reach Ones..”


The Library in the Park – Tues 19th May 2015

Today Yeshua took me by the hand and led me through a garden area to what looked like a huge old building…it was high with a roof and the ground floor was made up of huge granite pillars – all open to the elements.  In my spirit I thought “what about the wind? – oh thats ok here there is no wind or rain so this makes perfect sense.”  There were about 20 pillars down the sides and about 10 across the front of the building – it was maybe about 200 hundred feet long by about 100 feet wide.

The Brilliant Light from outside streamed through the gaps between the pillars and it was lovely and peaceful inside with a soft half light – kind of shady but not in the sense of darkness more restful…hard to describe.

Outside were many huge trees – oaks and sycamores and some I could not name – under them were people sitting and reading in seats, or little arbors and some just lying in the grass.  Just relaxing in the wonderful light that was everywhere.  It looked like a huge beautiful park and there was a small lake and a path that wandered around the whole area.

Inside were many large tables with chairs around them and also there were occasional chairs dotted everywhere.  The upper area had a viewing gallery around its sides with book shelves lining the walls and windows set at regular intervals.  Light shone down into the middle through these windows also.  There was a stone balustrade made up of many little pillars was all around the upper area – the middle area was open to the ceiling which was ornate.

He took me to two large brown winged backed leather armchairs and we sat down.  I was very anxious and worried that I WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTABLE TO BE RAPTURED OR TO BE THE BRIDE.  So I moved my chair so that I could face Him – I NEEDED to talk seriously about the matter.

I said to Him “I have ALWAYS wanted to be the Bride of Yeshua – what is required?”  He said “I have CALLED you always as a Bride.  Spoken tender words of Love to you – YEARNED for you to come to me as you do now.”  ( I felt great tenderness towards Him as He spoke these words to me).  ‘I allowed you to suffer to help to prepare you – you too have known betrayal like Me”.  I replied “How do you bear it Lord I felt it once – you a BILLION times over.”  He said “I AM YHWH remember not JUST man. I cry many tears – feel the pain but it does not kill me”.
“How can we minister to You Yeshua to lighten Your burden?”…..He said “Be kind and loving – balance out the evil by being Christ in your world.  You are the Bride – I have purposefully kept you OUT of the Church and RELIGION to keep you from being defiled.  I DETEST RELIGION!  Yes you have been defiled by sins of the world but I have kept you from learning the ways of the church.  I want you to LOVE PEOPLE …..tell them you are a Christian – give Me the Glory – talk openly about Me.  I have placed SPECIFIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.  When you are taken they will KNOW Rapture is truth by your disappearance……Remember years ago I told you a parable about the flamingoes.   (As a young christian I had a dream that I was flying up in the clouds in and amongst thousands of beautiful flamingoes)….. and then the Lord spoke to me and said “you think that MORE IS BETTER – that if you save MANY souls you will please me – but I do not measure things that way!  I do not call you to save the many as in these flamingoes that all look the same!  I call you to save the few – the hard to reach ones” and He showed a few gawky screeching ANNOYING Parrots high up in some trees.


He said “I do not measure things by quantity as you do but by the few rare and precious ones that I CALL” ……(I never forgot that message!) .  I told you NOT MANY FLAMINGOES but a FEW SQUAWKING PARROTS (rare, colourful and eccentric) and that is what you have.  He listed the names of the people in my life who I am interceding for.  Get My Brides ready!”

D. Holland