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Heaven and Grandma!

My Heaven experience.

pools_of_serenityI was having a night the other day where I just felt heavy hearted.I turned off my tv and other electronics. I turned off the lights,heading to bed…

Well, I began to talk to God in the silence; feeling exhausted I laid down..I still prayed. I simply said “Lord,hold me” and I felt such love and peace come over me. I closed my eyes and I felt as if I wasn’t in my room anymore.

Then i saw a beautiful place!! I was unaware where I was, but I knew it was home – Heaven – instantly!!! There I saw a garden and a patio with white beams of wood – it made a gazebo-type thing… its hard describe, really!!! But there was a garden and plants and many flowers of all types and colors everywhere in that patio…out door furniture.

Then I saw a lady, and Jesus spoke, saying “What do you see?” I wasn’t sure what He meant by that. but I said with a gasp “A garden!!!” and beside that was a beautiful mansion!!!!

He sad, “That’s your mansion and garden.” Then I automatically “knew” the lady was my grandma but still unsure of it…and He said, “That’s your grandma!”

I began to cry!!!  He showed me other relatives in heaven and some of my pets. Everyone so happy and peaceful and I felt the exact same way. I saw horses – one I remember was brown in color and had a green saddle, standing by some woods. There were two horses and a lizard. I saw my puppy who had passed away some time ago!! and I saw my dog who is with her new owners now – she was there too!!!… then gone.

I was confused, and Jesus read my mind and heart. He said, “I am showing things that are of now,and things to come.”

Heaven is wide and just beautiful! The greenest grass and bluest sky! I miss it so badly and long for Home, I can’t describe the feeling. He said to me, “I’ll assure you, you’re going to Heaven. I know not the hour, but you’ll be here, Home.” He said this because I’ve wondered and wondered, I pray, ” Am I worthy to go in rapture when He comes.”  So, Him saying that brought me peace. After seeing Heaven I felt… I don’t know. Hard to explain!  But that’s my Heaven experience.

Taylor H.

My Conservatoire

My conservatoire     (click on this hyper link to the left(which says “My conservatoire”   to open the pdf file to read  )

This was submitted to me by email from Debra Holland.  She had a beautiful Vision with Jesus Who showed her even more mysteries that you will all be blessed by.    I wanted to copy/paste it here but do not have the ability to do so with PDF files, so I am adding the PDF file of her experience here as a link..    just click on it and you can save it to your computer to read later or choose “open” and you can read it immediately.    She felt to put it on PDF file as she felt it was long  ..     You will need a PDF viewer to read it.., such as Adobe Acrobat, or the free Firefox PDF viewer.   (All of these pdf viewers are free unless you want to purchase an advanced version which is not needed to view these files)

Lisa Aug.