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The Alabaster Box

HI Clare,
I just want to share what I was shown while I was with the Lord last night – He didn’t speak to me but He did show me this…….He truly does love us and desires our Praise and Adoration!
Wednesday 20th May
83552142While in prayer tonight I saw a very beautiful and vivid image of an ALABASTER BOX it was rectangular in shape with a Gold Filigree base with 4 lions paws as legs at each corner.  The alabaster was Amber in colour with Golden streaks through it – it was streaked like marble.  The bottom half of the alabaster was encased by the Golden Basket.  Inside the box was OIL – amber in colour…….SPIKENARD aromatic perfume and the box was SEALED.  I felt in my spirit that it was a ROYAL CASKET with its very expensive ornate lower gold casing. As I looked at it it became filled with the Shekinah of Elohim which shone through the gold and amber alabaster – showing its beauty and design.
I did not know what the relevance was of the Alabaster box so I did a search online and came up with it being mentioned in the Bible in two places as the Vase used by Mary to anoint Jesus’s feet. This was apparently the customary thing to do in Jesus’s time on earth.  The Spikenard was very costly and was part of the DOWRY that the bride brought with her on her wedding night.  She would anoint the groom before the consummation of the marriage.  The symbolism of this act is very powerful indeed.  Symbolically Spikenard represents the WORSHIP AND ADORATION OF THE BRIDE.
But as I read all this I thought this is not the whole truth. The images being shown of “Hebrew Alabaster Boxes” were all of tall and slender vases and I had seen a Casket and a very ornate one at that!   My spirit felt that WE are the Alabaster box.  Alabaster looks like marble and has the same beauty as Marble but is a softer stone that can be CARVED AND SHAPED.  It has transparency so that LIGHT can shine through it.
 A further search showed that amber alabaster represents LOVE and MARRIAGE.  The Gold filigree basket that encased it gave it FRAME and SUPPORT and PROTECTION – Gold represents DEITY -The Ark of the Covenant was GOLD encasing wood showing Yeshua’s Deity and His Humanity combined. The Gold Case had the feet of a lion – THE LION OF JUDAH Our Yeshua.  It was SEALED – we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.  The LIGHT of YHWH was WITHIN IT and shone outwards to show its beauty and to ILLUMINATE ITS WORLD.   The warm oil within it was costly and perfumed COMPRISING THE GIFT THAT THE BOX CONTAINED……..The OIL of our worship and Praise is THE GIFT WE BRING TO OUR BRIDEGROOM TO ANOINT HIM WITH DUE PRAISE AND ADORATION ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT……………….A ROYAL GIFT PREPARED BY THE FATHER for the His Son the KING OF KINGS from His Beloved Bride…
Please let me know if any of you see anything more than I have written because I am still trying to understand the significance of this vision.
Debra H.