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One Who Ran Into the Ark In Time!

I just want to add my prayers to the many already in your corner. I pray that you and Ezekiel receive the strength you need to deal with whatever you must.  If it is the Lord’s will, I certainly hope that Ezekiel feels better!  If He needs to use our suffering for His own ends, then I pray for your husband to receive the strength, grace, and mercy he needs, until this difficult time is over. I will pray for him every day.

I need to thank you for giving voice to your faults, Clare, which sound — oh, so much — like my own that it’s scary.  🙂  I was SO happy (and please don’t take this the wrong way 🙂 ) to hear that I was not the only one to experience these stumbling blocks. Sometimes I think that I am the only one to have these issues…like everyone received “the manual” but me.  🙂  It really helped me to hear that you struggle with many of the same issues that I do.  Thank you for being human enough to admit how human you are.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to “keep the ship afloat.”  I pray that you receive whatever it is that you need to do just that.  🙂  And maintain your peace, when I know how painful it is for you to continue to wait.

I can only say that I have absolutely NO doubt that the Lord led me to your channel.  I had absolutely no reason to be there. At a time when I was especially lost and in pain. And I KNOW is that if He had come for His Bride then, I would surely have missed everything…including the fact that He was really coming!!  I have been clueless, searching, and in pain, both physically and spiritually, for so long, and I had no idea that Jesus Christ was the perfect fit to the ever-growing hole in my heart. I had no clue.

Now I am forever grateful to have the opportunity — short though it may be — to try to live as He would want me to; to rest my head in his heart (I use my imagination for this one); to break away from the world (harder than I thought). This is all new to me, but, as I stumble along, I am trying my best. I, for one, am grateful to you and Ezekiel, because I know that you both want to go and wish that the Rapture would arrive….but please know that I am one of those very souls that the Lord has asked you to wait for…and I truly appreciate it.  🙂

I am still trying to figure out how to divorce myself from the world, while, at the same time, give away everything that I was told by others to stock up on.  It seems that I did quite a bit of stocking!

I wish you both the very best. You are in my prayers

The Heart of the Dove- Poem


the Lord gave me this one just recently when like you I was crying tears of agony over my loved ones ….

The Heart of the Dove
My heart sings to You like a sad plaintive dove
its swells and groans as it fills with my love
for the lost and the dying whose fate seems as sealed
by their turning away and refusing to yield

Oh what does it take to save them from hell
oh what can I say and what could I tell
for the louder I scream and the longer I shout
the less that they hear me and care not about

A time that is coming – that is running to meet
all the people I love and whose souls that I seek
… ravage and kill – to destroy and to take
all the beauty and goodness of those that You made

To be blessed to be joyful – to express your great life
to go forth into Glory and to be as your Wife
A people of wonder – a people of grace
All children together – all part of a race

Of Gods chosen people as Magnificent as Him
Who loved us and bought us – who died for our Sin
Who stretched forth His Hand with nothing but love
and offered a future – Eternal – Above


An enemy embittered and filled with his hate
has sought to destroy us and to share in his fate
The world quite enchanted and under his spell –
believes not in satan and knows nothing of hell

That terrible place was created for him
for powers of darkness and his viral sin
That all who defy and refuse Gods great GRACE
WILL SHARE IN HIS FORTUNES and unite in that place

And how can we now rejoice in our Wedding
when those that we love will know no such blessing
When we sing and we dance and we praise Him for ever
for the love and gifts and the Joy of our Father

Oh my Sweet Saviour – hear the song of my heart
as it weeps and it bleeds and it tries to impart
All the deep and great sorrows your Heart also feels
as it hopes upon hopes that they yet still may Yield

~Through Debbie Holland 12/02/14