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Vision of Asteroid Near-Miss


I received a vision last night (5/14 – 5/15/15) about a news broadcast saying that the world had a near miss asteroid. Apparently, this asteroid was supposed to hit yesterday. God is NOT going to hold back for much longer. I’ve been praying on behalf of the Watchman for God to gives us (humans) some more time. I really don’t think he’s going to hold back anymore. He’s gonna go for the jugular. Keep repenting everyday until Jesus’ return even though we lucked out this round.

-Love, Nicole

editors note :   Last week, I hear the words, “Fleeting moments” spoke to me while I was in prayer…lisa

He Heals our Hearing

Jesus- King in Exile


The featured image is a clip from the movie, The Passion of Christ.,  and this is one of my favorite scenes.. where Jesus , about to be roughly seized and taken into custody,  gently heals the ear of the high priest’s guard whom Peter had used his sword against.    The actor, Ben Caveziel, sincerely portrays the demeanor of Jesus- His gentleness and compassion even toward His enemies who hated Him.   Ben relayed in an interview how he had asked Jesus to guide him in how to portray Him appropriately, and he actually felt “a Presence” with him through all of the tapings.   This was the Holy Spirit, and you can see the evidence of the Holy Spirit through this actor .. all because He sincerely wanted to glorify Jesus and bring honor to Him in portraying Him.    Ben was open to “hear” the Holy Spirit’s leading in his job of portraying…

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The Two Joseph’s and Jesus

Jesus- King in Exile

6j     Carl_Bloch_The_Entombment_of_Christ_525

Wile reading Max Lucado’s book, “This is Love”, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me something I never had considered before.  The significance of Joseph, his earthly father and Joseph of Arimithea, one of Isreal’s religious leaders or “fathers”.

One led a simple materially poor life and was only able to provide a livestock shelter for Mary upon Jesus’s birth.   The other Joseph who came later in Jesus’s life , was comfortably well-off, yet out of his love and reverence for Jesus, was able to offer Him a garden tomb for a rich man with 75 lb.’s of costly ointment- the amount used for anointing royalty. Joseph of Arimithea secretly realized Jesus was more than just some ordinary prophet.. He is the king of all Kings.  the Number 75 is significant too.  7 + 5 = 12.. and the number twelve is an apostolic number representing not just disciples, but apostles of Jesus.  Apostles are those who are…

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