The Righteous King: A Poem




Thru a crown of thorns Our Righteous King was Born!

My flesh wars with my spirit Until out of this world I am torn!

I hear a Mighty Warrior Off in the distance on a cloud,

With His Righteous Army Who’s armor they could not shroud,

As I listened a little longer

The Mighty One began to speak :

He said :

They no longer listen And now their future is oh so bleak!

I began to weep for those who would not listen And change their ways

But He said :

See that you do not do that For they have been warned For far too many days!

And I said :

Lord, some of these are family And it hurts me oh so much!

I cannot understand How it is the’ve lost Your touch?!

Lord, is there any way Is there anything That I can do? That might bring them back

That might bring them thru?

And He said :

It is not yet finished! Now mount up! As I lead the battle attack

Most shall be slain as wicked But a remnant Shall turn back!

I said :

Thank You Mighty Warrior My Lord and my King!

I shall do my best to Honor You With the praises that I sing!

Yes Thank You Heavenly Father! For Your Son Is The Righteous King!

Holy Spirit through Jesse Peiffer (Spirit Warrior)

AMEN! Shabbat shalom!

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