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Not Tomorrow, Not Yesterday, But TODAY!

I stand at the door and knock
Now, now…Just Now
Earlier this week I was trying to set aside my days off from work to be totally with the Lord.,  but I made the mistake of watching a video that, while the Lord had inspired it, it was not something He wanted me to be focusing my attention on at that moment.    It was regarding the upcoming Shemitah this September 2015, … an interview with Jonathan Cahn who recommended preparing for what crisis is due to occur at that time, due to the United State’s hardness of heart and the seven year cycles of warnings God has permitted for us and Israel.
     I became preoccupied and worried about my 401k rollover , where I have some conservative stocks that I was obsessing if I should exchange them for bonds, .etc..  due to this upcoming Shemitah.       This got in the way of my personal time with the Lord…   and robbed me of my joy of being with Him.
   I was reminded that all of these things are not going to last anyway, and our Home is not here on this Earth.    The only reason I even have a 401k is due to starting up one at an insurance company I used to work at years ago.  When I quit there, I needed to roll the money over or else pay heavy penalty fees.    So out of fear, I just rolled it over into my insurance company’s own 401k .     Since I am single and know I will be living on an extremely limited income, with hardly any social security by the time I retire, I felt having this would keep me from being homeless by the time I’m 75.    Forget about luxuries or cruises..
Well, my straying from the Lord that day by watching that video anyway, opened the door to a lot of anxiety and I wasn’t truly able to connect with the Lord all that day afterwards.  I also had to be at work the next day and was not happy.  That evening I asked the Lord to please help.  Should I wait until another  me.. “should I concern myself about my IRA right now?” I asked Him.  Opening up at random to a book I purchased of a woman’s personal testimony with the Lord, I came to a chapter with the heading, “Provision By Heavenly Provider”.   Not a coincidence, I realized!..  I  told no one about this situation between me and the Lord and my spiritual “ADHD” and anxiety over the future,     but a friend of mine who has been baptized by the Holy Spirit years ago, sent me an email with a personal message from our Lord.   One part of it was separate from the rest of the message and was emailed to me separately.
    It was our Lords’ words through her which said this:   “He is the God of now!  So do not fret in the day… just for the moment you have;  Not the one before or the one to come– now, now… just now.” 
I emailed my friend that this was more than a coincidence… and she had no way of knowing.   The next morning I received her reply in my gmail, but I could not find that original message she sent me whatsoever.  Luckily I had copied down the message in my journal.   in fact, my friend seemed to be unsure what I was referring to in her reply.     It was as though the Lord emailed me separately using my friend’s email and it was only meant for that moment in time for me.     not the past, nor the future, but this moment in time is where He can be found..  in the Now!.
update 5/17/2015- 8:05 am.    In my morning devotions before getting ready for Sunday school this morning, this is what the Lord gave me from His words in ‘He and I”:   “My Child, ponder ore often on the value of the present moment, the danger of going back over the past and the uselessness of gazing into the future.  Just live the moment you have in your hands simply and lovingly.”
Earlier this morning in prayer, I heard the words with Him using my own thoughts to speak them, say “Moments fleeting“.
lisa aug.

He Showed Me My Soul: A Testimony


My dear sister Clare,

My dear sister Clare

If the Lord leads you to do so then it will be alright, but i will explain some parts what exactly happened when he showed me things between him and me when he took me in my spirit to heaven ….the place was full of details i had the feeling i know this place very well.   It seemed to be a place where my soul suits in   and it felt home but it was more then this.  The fragrance was full of my own soul but pure and divine.  The Lord was standing by big large huge Bushes ….. and i could draw a picture of the whole place.  There where two large Buildings like in a  Villa Style. While this happened i was laying in bed i listened to worship Musik and i shivered and his spirit was moving down and up through my body and my soul…i got healed by each revelation i received….tears where running down my cheek and sometimes i laughed ……. in the Bushes there Where bottles of tears … in a hiding room when i saw the bushes i knew they where hiding a secret and i understood that those tears where mine I cried during my whole life Later He showed me in a very deep way that he cried much more for me then i did and that every tear he cried kept me alive in him drawing me each time back to Him.  When i was seperatet from him He also had His bottles with tears standing in a line above mine.  I asked Him if i can worship him for his love and felt like bowing down to his feet.  I love to bow down to his feet and just kiss his feet and rest there!  He said “you really love to do so” i said, “yes”.  I wanted to cry on His feet and felt led to ask if i can pour out one bottle of my tears on his feet he said “yes”.   When i did this i cried and was delivered  and washed from deep pain inside my soul …many other things happened but i cant explain everything.  He showed me two other places, too.  Everything started with your song “Liberation” in your playlist on the channel.  I was crying a lot because i was longing so much after Him and then i went to bed.   I started to listen to the song and suddenly i found myself on a beach and i saw light shooting like little balls through the air… all of this matched to the song…. and i had the feeling that the sound and the things i saw where   a part of my identity like those  light balls he showed me that my heart is making a sound all the time like water that flows down in  a stream.   I saw in my spirit that my  reasoning is like water before him that flows all the time like a stream he loves to listen to.  Then He showed me my soul. i can’t explain it exactly it was just me- how he created me in a special way -so unique that i don’t have to look to other people because i am beautiful the way i am with all the details:  my passion, the way i express my love, and so on.  This was the very first experience like this ever …. i follow him now for over 20 years i had so many ups and downs and already huge revalations but he had to allow  that the enemy could crush me because  i was a very stubborn girl … i experienced   a lot of things.   Most of it where demons attacking me in the night.  He always protected me and i could learn a lot about warfare …..but i always missed Him and a divine revelation about his Love …i complained a lot.  I said to him ” why you just dont show up like you do with others?” …..”why i can’t see you?”   He said “But you see me already with your spiritual eyes”.  Now i understand that we have to be bolder when we come to him to get closer to Him ………and i said “but i really want to see you …..and i want to go home”  (because i didn’t felt secure most of the time …the fear of getting separated from him was so strong ).  He said, again,  “The way I do it for now is the best for you”  and i accept it.   The   conversations we had where much more  complex than i can explain  here but this was the bottom line.  The biggest problem i had all the time was to face my broken self esteem ..He is working on this a long time ….i only felt loved when i could express myself through other people- sucking all the love out of them and looking all the time for attention. It made me a slave for people ….in the last three years i am going to consistent revival with repentance, brokenness, and loosing my life literally… and i had so much hunger for him that i just cry out to him most of the time with a heart full of thanksgiving for everything he did for me already ……ahh Clare it would fill up a thick book to explain everything in heaven! it will be revealed in just one moment to all my sisters and brothers if the Lord allows it…but i think you got a good picture now because you know by yourself what i am trying to explain ……. fact is since i found your channel i got bolder and i see a open land now with truth and justice, pure intimacy with my Lord and King and i know he is doing it because he will want me to be   ready for Him.  I almost cant believe it that He wants me for himself to be his Bride and wife forever but he is forcing me to really believe it…… He is trying to prove to me all the time that he really wanted me with his whole heart … he always is saying to me “My dove”.  He did this already before i found your channel for years now…. he started to say those things over ten years ago but now i understand much more what he means by this.  He is saying then “my beautiful one; My pure one;  My dove”…….and now He is saying things like i have “eyes like a dove” ….In german it is something like “dovey eyes”.  I understand that all of this is His character becoming flesh in me because he is like a dove,too- so  sensitive  ……….i only touched the surface with this e-mail- what just happened in the last two weeks but i have to close up now because the rest and most of it i will keep for us – for me and my Jesus – the One who ever cared for me,  Who wanted me when nobody knew who i am truly in Him and who will for ever Love me.  This is just a short testimony of his faith- fullness that he will reward us with Himself if we dont give up and search for Him with all of our heart and that he can make our heart complete in him .  Also when we are still far away struggling with sin if we keep on trusting him that his power will make a way so  never give up…dear ones of Jesus …  i love you all…. we will be soon Home.  It always will be soon; our life is so short this way or another.  We are going to face eternity very soon.
Love Elisabeth

The Righteous King: A Poem




Thru a crown of thorns Our Righteous King was Born!

My flesh wars with my spirit Until out of this world I am torn!

I hear a Mighty Warrior Off in the distance on a cloud,

With His Righteous Army Who’s armor they could not shroud,

As I listened a little longer

The Mighty One began to speak :

He said :

They no longer listen And now their future is oh so bleak!

I began to weep for those who would not listen And change their ways

But He said :

See that you do not do that For they have been warned For far too many days!

And I said :

Lord, some of these are family And it hurts me oh so much!

I cannot understand How it is the’ve lost Your touch?!

Lord, is there any way Is there anything That I can do? That might bring them back

That might bring them thru?

And He said :

It is not yet finished! Now mount up! As I lead the battle attack

Most shall be slain as wicked But a remnant Shall turn back!

I said :

Thank You Mighty Warrior My Lord and my King!

I shall do my best to Honor You With the praises that I sing!

Yes Thank You Heavenly Father! For Your Son Is The Righteous King!

Holy Spirit through Jesse Peiffer (Spirit Warrior)

AMEN! Shabbat shalom!

Dancing In The Sky!

10997512_10152833591398579_9104417565617956297_nClare, The Lord brought me to you and through him, your videos have helped me finally see him. I took all worldly things out for the week, like he had asked us to do in your other video. He gave me a glimpse of Heaven and danced with me in the sky. It was so amazing..the overflow of love he has for us! When I saw him, his hair has exactly like in this beautiful picture! and the Spiritual warfare I encountered was every moment of the week so far! I have heard him speak to me too, in my own voice. He told me to hold on to every word you give us. Stay strong and have complete faith in me going into the rapture because I was so discouraged and just felt I wasn’t worthy to go. Before I found you Clare, I didn’t think he would ever allow me to go with you and all who goes in the rapture. Will you pray for me Clare and maybe you’ll get word from Jesus also that confirms my going in the rapture too? I love you Clare. You are so perfect and beautiful.. you are like the God mother in complete Godly form to me. I’m praying for you and Ezekiel. Again Thank you dearly!

Briana K.