The Garden Within Visualization


In the morning early this week  after my prayers, I imagined a gated garden., with a white fence and gate that looks a lot like this one from a video titled, “URGENT Rapture vision and confirmation dream!”  by Harpazo Rapturo. * The gate was white and curved exactly like it;  I hadn’t seen this picture until today.       Jesus was standing near the garden gate and I was inside the garden on the other side of an unweeded grown over garden within.  It was early spring without any flowers blooming yet.. just clumps of grass and weeds that need to be pulled up and ground tilled.   Jesus had on a simple offwhite robe..  something He probably would have worn under a tunic in colder weather in His village 2000 years ago.  He was standing inside the garden unassumingly near the gate but inside.

I took off my shoes and ran over all the weeds and uncultivated garden plot to get to Him..  and when I reached Him I jumped up to hug Him and said, “Look, Lord, I ran barefoot!”    Jesus knows that without His grace, I am a big shoe-aholic and clothes horse.    He was there to meet me with only a simple garment on, and to meet Him, I needed to take my shoes off.       As soon as I met up with Him, He picked me up into His arms and carried me effortlessly..   and I’m about 5’3 and could stand to lose about 15 -20 lbs.    While I was so much loving being in His arms, I couldn’t stop thinking:  “ummm, I better lose weight so that I won’t be such a burden for Him to carry”.       Then the meditation was over.

I didn’t expect Jesus to pick me up as this meditation was more or less from my own imagination, but it seemed that within minutes, Jesus took over and guided it His way.   The lesson I got from this was that Jesus stands at the entrance of our hearts (gardens) and He may be inside but still not in the center.  He also waits for us to greet and accept Him in. He won’t make Himself comfortable unless we embrace Him in.. He is “like the shy people” as He said to Gabrielle Bossis from her diary of His messages (“He and I”)

I was happy to see Him at the entrance, so ran up to Him, but in order to get to Him, I needed to kick off my shoes. He then picked me up to carry me.  Shoes represent our “walk” and when we embrace Him, we need to lose our ways and wills and let Him carry us where He wants to take us.  Also, He loves it when we come to Him in utter simplicity… without all mankind’s accessories and adornements.  He is a simple humble Lord who loves His Church (“bride”) in simplicity.    When I thought to myself how I needed to lose weight so I wouldn’t be such a burden for Him,  in reality , excess weight and flesh represents too much of the self-life and gluttony (except for those with health issues where they cant help that their body’s metabolism is slow).   If I allow my carnal self to die and stop feeding the soul’s human nature, I would be that much  more a delight and less a burden and headache for our Lord.  He wasn’t complaining in my meditation, but I realized we have to do our part in saying “no’ to ourselves to be more captivating for Him.

Also, it was significant that the garden within was yet full of weeds and uncultivated.  Much work needs to be done within my heart before He, the master Gardener, can plant anything .. The ground needs to be tilled and weeds uprooted.  Him carrying me indicates by His Grace and my cooperation this can be accomplished

It was a beautiful visualization  yet packed with teachings for me and all of us.

* video where I noticed the gate photo that looks exactly  as I visualized it in my Visualization:

Also see:

7 thoughts on “The Garden Within Visualization

  1. Hi there – this is PACKED with truth for us all in the Song of Solomon chapter 4:12 Jesus tells us that we are HIS GARDEN and that He will cause His North Wind (Holy Spirit) to blow of us to release the fragrance of all His Spices verse 12 “YOU are a Garden locked up and Fountain flowing…….” In Chapter 5:1 which is just after the Rapture has occurred He has COME INTO HIS GARDEN Married her….and they drink wine together ( Jesus said He would not drink wine until His Kingdom had come again). Verse 2 onwards talks of those who are left behind seeking Him and being beaten after complaining and delaying when He knocked on the door of their hearts…………..The final chapter speaks of the little sister with “NO BREASTS” Israel as the 2nd coming still not of marriageable age – spiritually immature at that time. Your vision sounds to me as though He is helping you to prepare for His Coming and then He sweeps you off your feet showing that YOU ARE A BRIDE x wonderful how the Lord is talking to us all in this week of setting ourselves apart from the world x I have watched no tv and have only used the internet to listen to Claires site and stuff related to Jesus and He has given me an exercise book of writing from what He has showed me – reading other peoples stuff is so amazing too xxx love it xxx

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    • thank you so much Debbie! what an encouragement.. He is preparing us and I can’t wait for His return!! Wow, have I gone through the spiritual attacks at my job this week after I returned from my two days off… this Friday satan waited to “dish it out at me”…saving his worst for last. But the Lord helped me through and this is all permitted in His preparation for us.. we are all in His hands come what may., and so it will all be for our good, no matter what we encounter.
      God bless you … I love that comparison with the Song of Solomon!


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