Pet Animals in Heaven

This is kind of a compilation post of other times that I’ve seen some of the animals that Jesus has in store for me. I’ll just do some of the more notable ones here, and I won’t say exactly when I saw them, since that in itself could take a while because it’s stretched over several different times and is not in sequential order.

images (1)I did see that I had a tiger one time. I was sitting with Jesus on a stone bench underneath an oak tree at the top of a hill that was surrounded by the plains filled with bluebonnets and the yellow flower when the tiger came up to us. I decided to name it “Tigger,” and it spoke to me in the voice that Tigger from Winnie the Pooh says when he says “Tigger. T. I. Double guh. Rrr. That spells ‘Tigger.’” The two of us even bounced around for a little while. It was fun.

Another time, Jesus and I were travelling along in the ocean on two bottlenose dolphins when I saw a huge great white shark swimming along with us. This one was at least 20 feet long. I even got off my dolphin and grabbed on to one of the pectoral fins and rode on it for a little while. I have yet to name the shark and the dolphins.

Another time Jesus and I were swimming along in the ocean, and I saw a giant squid. I can’t even estimate how big this thing was. Seriously. It was gigantic. If I were to guess, I’d say at least 40 feet long. It swam along with us for a while and then disappeared into the blue.

Another time when Jesus and I were underneath the oak tree, I discovered that I had a bald eagle and an owl. I have yet to name either of those two, but I do remember that both, at different times, did perch on a glove that I wore on my hand so that their talons didn’t dig into my skin. I also think that the owl might have perched on my shoulder at one point, but I don’t remember feeling the talons, so… anyway…

And I recently re-met an old pet of mine that died in 2013. He was a Burmese cat named Milo. In this life, he was over-bred and had a squished-in nose that caused him to make little squeaking noises whenever he breathed. He was also cross-eyed and had a cherry eye as a result of his over-breeding. He was the cat that no one wanted, so my family and I took him in and loved him. Because his nose was squished in, his sinuses were bad, and it caused his teeth to rot over time. Things got so bad for him that all he could eat was wet food instead of the dry food that we feed to our two other cats. He slowly lost weight, and we had to put him down in 2013 to put him out of his misery. I hear he died very peacefully. I personally think that his peace had something to do with me telling him that he needed to be with Jesus before “a major event happened,” as I put it to him. At the time I thought the Rapture was to happen in 2013, and I didn’t know that pets would be Raptured out with their saved owners at the time, so that’s why I told him that. I also assured him that I’d join shortly after he died.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, I have seen Milo a few times when Jesus and I are under the oak tree, but I saw Milo the clearest in a dream recently. I don’t remember much of the details, but I think he could talk. I also got a small glimpse of his new body. The face still looked as he did as I knew him in life, but without the cherry eye, but his body was strong and healthy. I still look forward to seeing my Milo as he really is in his new body…

One thought on “Pet Animals in Heaven

  1. Dear Clare,
    We are new followers of your YouTube channel and of this blog. I thank God for you to share your experience with us. Have learned so much since few days of watching your channel and praying hard to be pure get close to Jesus.

    We have 2 wonderful cats that we love as our babies right now. Meow Meow is a male Calico 5 years old, Oreo is girl domestic long hair 2 years old. Our babies in cat form.

    When we get Ruptured will our pets that still alive go with us the same time?

    And now just re-read your post this sentence came up again “I didn’t know that pets would be Raptured out with their saved owners at the time”, is this mean that our cats will go with us when we get raptured too?

    Sorry English is a 2nd language for me =)

    Eagerly waiting for reply
    Faith Yan


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