Dangerous Chameleon

Hello Clare,I just want to share a dream I had last night. I was sitting at a table and suddenly I looked below and there was this orange colored chameleon close to my feet with mouth open. But it was not moving. I was not able to move my foot, it was so numb. I was advised by a friend to lift my foot with support of my hands and I did so with his help.

I then realized I have had the same dream before but didn’t quite realize what I was shown. I also felt had I been bit by it that would be fatal. Also, I realized there was some significance in that I have felt the numbness in the natural many times in my feet.

Also just this week there has been multiple attacks by satan to distract,discourage and distance me away from the Lord.

I just want to thank Him and you for giving out timely messages.

Nithya K.

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