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Rosemary Heart

Just a few weeks ago I made an olive oil herb concoction for bread and a ton of Rosemary came out too fast. I warmed up the oil a little and the Rosemary lined up and surrounded a blank space of olive oil in the shape of a heart. He aligned the Rosemary into a heart shape.  Kevin B.


Dangerous Chameleon

Hello Clare,I just want to share a dream I had last night. I was sitting at a table and suddenly I looked below and there was this orange colored chameleon close to my feet with mouth open. But it was not moving. I was not able to move my foot, it was so numb. I was advised by a friend to lift my foot with support of my hands and I did so with his help.

I then realized I have had the same dream before but didn’t quite realize what I was shown. I also felt had I been bit by it that would be fatal. Also, I realized there was some significance in that I have felt the numbness in the natural many times in my feet.

Also just this week there has been multiple attacks by satan to distract,discourage and distance me away from the Lord.

I just want to thank Him and you for giving out timely messages.

Nithya K.

Your Jesus Who Loves You

May 13th, 2015 

tomorrowlightgraphicJESUS: “Do you want to speak of My Humanity?”
Me:  “Oh yes, Beloved, blessed Haton!” (Bridegroom)
JESUS:  “What do you love most?”
Me: “Oh dear, such a question!”  So much!  
JESUS: “Tell Me, My beloved – I love for you  (and others, too…) to explain yourself – Whatever you say can also be shared to help others come to Me more freely and without angst..”
Me: (He just said..’take your time with this…)
I continue now: (there is just so much to say…)
“Well……I know…you ARE God…..of course and the Creator of all; but it is so much more…You also are the Greatest of all Loves ~ the peace in my poor heart ~ this bubbling joy ~ the Bridegroom ~ Yes – I love that most! You have become Man – You walked now as I do…once on Earth ..but now …as now, in Heaven, in Your Glorified Body ~ but you let us see You in our spirits!  And we have visions ~ and dreams…You…….are there.  If we let You be there. 
“How many call for You, believe in You and long for You and desire to have a full loving relationship with You? That is a sad answer for the near whole of mankind. And yet You are always listening for a sigh even, from one’s heart…a glance. Your mercy is so great! But You leave us free. 
“And my prayer each day is for conversions – that others will listen and not miss out on the Adventure and Romance of their lives…it is what their hearts are craving.  And they find satisfaction in everything that is not You..and can lead them at the close of their lives, to a very unpleasant Eternity…to put it mildly. 
How I wish after Scripture others would read He and I by Gabrielle Bossis….wow. what love! What mercy! What an invitation to love You ~ to the fullest extent of loving – pure as crystal and warm as the brightest star…
with the One who is purer than crystal and warmer then the brightest star! What Love others miss! You, You, and more of You! As You said… ‘in your greatest shortcomings, throw yourself into My arms…don’t wait to be pleased with yourself..just as you are..come! I came to heal and restore…I know all about human nature. Don’t be afraid of Me…be afraid to be afraid. Even the little lambs climb onto My lap…I am the gentle Shepherd.  Talk to Me…tell others to talk to Me! There is no sweeter sound!’
“Oh Jesus…such prostrations of love. The call of the Beloved ~ to all souls – ALL.” 
JESUS: (Tenderly…is there…more?) “What do you really want to say Patricia? The language of love to Your Beloved….it is OK…..just some if you want……..
Me: “OK…..ok….. May whatever I share…be realized by anyone who reads this…He has an individual relationship with all. As He says in “He and I”……’each soul has their own ray….what others give Me can’t – and what you give Me, others cannot.’   How sweet is that, Family?”
So this is some of what we share..I say to Him…and yes, as I heard on the video recently …He does long to be with us..He suffers too, not to be with us..hold us and share all He has in Heaven with His beloveds. He told me that the other day and then I listened to a video on His longing to be with His Bride.  I was somewhat surprised at that – I am not used to someone being so sweet or missing me..and I will leave it at that…I too, realize, I am not alone in this. But He is Jesus…perfect Love..perfect God and Spouse. Wow. to put it mildly.
And again on His being of our human nature ……I say to Him….”I look at You differently now, my Love….I see You standing there…looking at me…. and I have fallen so deeply in love with You…that I can see only that I want never to be separated from You….I just want to embrace You, and graft our hearts as One….never to leave Your Divine Embrace…to always be together. Never alone. Never.

“That Your very Heart would absorb the very chambers of mine with Yours so that your Heart beat alone keeps me alive and and Your Blood flow keeps me pure…so we can never be separated….. just the thinking and longing in me I guess…. I never want to be apart from You in any way…..

such an interesting Eternity….Do You want to run now? Ha Ha!
“Better than hand cuffs, right? Ha again….I am crazy Lord! Just in love…and speaking as such a one….lol !
“I miss You ‘terribly’….even if I have not seen You..seen You..yet, I feel I know You better for allll these many years than if I actually met You face to Face in time!  But your loving Grace does that for a soul who wants to love You from their heart with purity of intention…unlimited… and You make Yourself known in all Your loving ways to that one. You just have to know that one wants Your love and to love You with all the strength they can!
“Sooooo……….. that is some of what I say to You..and I pray it helps others to open to Your loving Heart and Presence and know too, the wonderful fulfilling Love that You Are…for now, and to last for all eternity. A Love that never ends… Wow..that is a longggg time..for sure.”
JESUS: “Thank you for sharing My Beloved.   I will bless these words of love to Me and let it be an invitation to others to trust Me and come to Me without fear or hesitation. Yes! I am Love and want only love in return…. Let all one says, thinks and does reflect that they have chosen Me, their loving Savior and Spouse if one wants Me as such….I only long to give Myself to souls..let Me be what they want Me to be…if they want a father…I am the perfect Father – if they want a brother, that too….and I am the perfect Friend as well.  Just give yourself to Me…and let Me be the love that you want.  I understand….I never force anything…I leave you free My loves…. but when you, of your own free will, give to Me…your love and devotion and trust…Ah! what is not My joy?
Come! Come all of you and drink from the wells of refreshing and purifying Waters….I am this Water…to refresh your souls….souls that are so thirsty for only the Love I can give! I can give. Only… Come!  I await you with open arms….arms that will hold you as no others can… strong and sure…an embrace of a Powerful God, Brother, Savior, Friend, and Spouse. And yet… gentle….You will see….Try. Ask. Trust.  Let Me be Your everything Love…and you….be My everything love in return… Come!
Your Jesus who loves you…as no other can or will…ever. And in time to last eternally.  Come!

Pet Animals in Heaven

This is kind of a compilation post of other times that I’ve seen some of the animals that Jesus has in store for me. I’ll just do some of the more notable ones here, and I won’t say exactly when I saw them, since that in itself could take a while because it’s stretched over several different times and is not in sequential order.

images (1)I did see that I had a tiger one time. I was sitting with Jesus on a stone bench underneath an oak tree at the top of a hill that was surrounded by the plains filled with bluebonnets and the yellow flower when the tiger came up to us. I decided to name it “Tigger,” and it spoke to me in the voice that Tigger from Winnie the Pooh says when he says “Tigger. T. I. Double guh. Rrr. That spells ‘Tigger.’” The two of us even bounced around for a little while. It was fun.

Another time, Jesus and I were travelling along in the ocean on two bottlenose dolphins when I saw a huge great white shark swimming along with us. This one was at least 20 feet long. I even got off my dolphin and grabbed on to one of the pectoral fins and rode on it for a little while. I have yet to name the shark and the dolphins.

Another time Jesus and I were swimming along in the ocean, and I saw a giant squid. I can’t even estimate how big this thing was. Seriously. It was gigantic. If I were to guess, I’d say at least 40 feet long. It swam along with us for a while and then disappeared into the blue.

Another time when Jesus and I were underneath the oak tree, I discovered that I had a bald eagle and an owl. I have yet to name either of those two, but I do remember that both, at different times, did perch on a glove that I wore on my hand so that their talons didn’t dig into my skin. I also think that the owl might have perched on my shoulder at one point, but I don’t remember feeling the talons, so… anyway…

And I recently re-met an old pet of mine that died in 2013. He was a Burmese cat named Milo. In this life, he was over-bred and had a squished-in nose that caused him to make little squeaking noises whenever he breathed. He was also cross-eyed and had a cherry eye as a result of his over-breeding. He was the cat that no one wanted, so my family and I took him in and loved him. Because his nose was squished in, his sinuses were bad, and it caused his teeth to rot over time. Things got so bad for him that all he could eat was wet food instead of the dry food that we feed to our two other cats. He slowly lost weight, and we had to put him down in 2013 to put him out of his misery. I hear he died very peacefully. I personally think that his peace had something to do with me telling him that he needed to be with Jesus before “a major event happened,” as I put it to him. At the time I thought the Rapture was to happen in 2013, and I didn’t know that pets would be Raptured out with their saved owners at the time, so that’s why I told him that. I also assured him that I’d join shortly after he died.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, I have seen Milo a few times when Jesus and I are under the oak tree, but I saw Milo the clearest in a dream recently. I don’t remember much of the details, but I think he could talk. I also got a small glimpse of his new body. The face still looked as he did as I knew him in life, but without the cherry eye, but his body was strong and healthy. I still look forward to seeing my Milo as he really is in his new body…

How I Ended Up With a Crocodile Named Fred.

I don’t have dreams that often. More often than not, when Jesus shows me certain things in the Heavenly Realms, it’s usually in the form of a vision that takes place in the back of my mind. Sometimes they can happen at the most random times of the day, such as when I’m going about my normal, everyday business.

I don’t remember when exactlimagesy this happened. I think it was shortly after I saw the first of Clare’s videos about a glimpse into Heaven and the wild animals that we’d have as pets. I remember that I was getting ready to go to my college classes for the day, and I was thinking about what I would end up having for my wild pets, and suddenly, as I was getting into my truck, it was like I was in the Heavenly Realms.

I was in one of the areas around the place Jesus prepared for me. Just to give a brief description of what it looks like before I continue: it’s plains that go on for a while, and are covered in bluebonnets (my favorite kind of wildflower) and some other kind of yellow flower. There’s a small waterfall that enters into a lake that is crystal clear. From there, this lake has a river that feeds into an ocean (for lack of a better description) where more of my “pets” are at. More on that later.

Getting back on subject, I was close to this lake, and suddenly I saw a HUGE crocodile swimming in the lake. It looked like those saltwater crocodiles that can get up to 20 feet long (or maybe it was a Nile crocodile. Either way, it was huge). It swam around for a little while, then came up out of the water and came towards me. I petted it, and it seemed to enjoy me petting it. Then a question arose in my mind: “What would I name a crocodile if I were to have one for a pet?” I thought of all sorts of names, but none of them stuck.

In the real world, I drove to an area where a bus comes to pick me up to go to the college campus (since I don’t have a parking permit), and I was still trying to think of a name. I then got on the bus and still nothing stuck. In the vision, the crocodile would sometimes slip back into the water and swim around for a little while as I thought about a name. As I got closer to the campus, for some reason I started thinking of names that I thought were a little silly for a crocodile. Many came and went, but one name finally stuck: Fred. I tossed the name around in my head for a little while, and I kind of liked it. As soon as there was a slight indication that I liked it, I heard a voice say “All right!” and I knew that the crocodile I saw before me was now named Fred.

I came out of the vision after that, and I still couldn’t believe what I saw. I rubbed my eyebrows and thought: “If I have a crocodile named Fred, I don’t know what I’m going to do…” Of course, now I like the name, so when I get to Heaven, I know that I’m going to have a crocodile named Fred waiting for me.

A Sample of Heaven

Earlier this year, on January 23, I got my first true glimpse of Heaven. This was before I knew about throne5Clare or anything about being truly intimate with Him. I’ve had dreams throughout my life of being in a really bright place and being able to make huge jumps and being able to fly, but none of the dreams I’ve had compare to the one I had earlier this year.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, I remember I was dreaming about something. The details are too fuzzy for me to remember here, but I remember that a figure clothed in white came up to me. As I looked closer at the figure, I noticed that it had wings, and that its face was blotted out on purpose so that I couldn’t see the features. I’m still trying to figure out whether that was my guardian angel or another one sent by God.

Anyway, the angel reached out his hand to me, and I reached out and grabbed it, and we ascended together. We went along at a great speed. It felt like the force of a roller coaster, that’s how fast it felt. We went higher and higher until we passed through a barrier of darkness and into a realm of light. The light surprised me, since up to this point I had seen nothing like it. It was the brightest light I’d ever seen. It was very, very white, and was harsh, yet I could look at this light without having to squint my eyes.

“Whoa…” was the word to come out of my mouth. The next thing that came out of my mouth was “Am I dead?” The angel that was with me said “No.” After he said this, I could tell that he was telling the truth; it felt like I was both in my bed, and in this very bright place at the same time. There may have been some other things that happened, but I cannot remember what they were.

The next thing I for sure remember is my question: “Can I see the throne?” The angel nodded, and we went to the general area where the throne was. I had to wait a moment. I think God was judging someone who had died before I had my chance to get in the throne room. Can’t say for sure. When I was let in, I saw the throne. It was huge, and I kind of remember seeing rainbows near the top, and I saw God sitting on the throne. Where His head was at was WAY too bright for me to look at.

As I took in the sights of the throne, it was like my ears suddenly tuned in. I heard angels singing. Because of everything I was seeing and hearing, my human mind started going “What is this?!” and I started to wake up. The words that came out of my mouth were “Let- let the- the Holy Spirit be ever-present with me.”

After I said this, I woke up panting lightly. I was still processing what had happened, and the first words out of my mouth where I was fully awake was “What was that?” I then opened my eyes and saw that the clock read “2:11.” I then noticed something else. I felt different compared to when I had gone to bed earlier. For lack of a better description, I’ll say that I felt… stronger, even though there were no physical changes in me. I also felt really warm in my chest. If that’s a sample of what Heaven is like, then boy oh boy do I want to be with Him forever!