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A Mountaintop Home

The Lord bless you all. He’s recently shown me a portion of my area in His kingdom! He’s given me a home atop a mountain with a waterfall running through the main room. Leading out of the side of the homenew-houses-in-the-mountains-with-1920x1200 is a wooden bridge that leads to a mountain path. Joyed with His presence, I began to run across the bridge, and the Lord and I decided to race to the other side! He beat me, as we laughed and He hugged me. He took me onto a path that lead to a special prayer area that the mountain conforms to. And off of the prayer area, there’s a marvelous view of a valley! Praise be to Him for showing me this! Only with His grace and love are we secure, and He loves us all VERY much! God BLESS you all, and I’ll see you very soon 🙂 Joseph R.

Forever…I’m HOME!!


_Going_to_heavnComing into Heaven, we were up above fields and meadows, descending. Everything feels so very light, warm, and fresh. Our feet touch ground and land on soft green grass.

Everywhere, there are many beautiful, pastel flowers. Honey bees and insects, ladybugs and others. A myriad of plants are refreshing in the rich brown soil. Multicolored vegetables and aromatic herbs. Various grape arbors and fruit trees abound. Also olive and nut trees, almonds, cashews and more.

My Jesus, we are sitting here on a soft blanket. We begin to get up, and I instinctively brace for pain. Yet there is no more pain. It is all gone. My features, too, have changed. I am young and healthy, in good form. My skin is golden tan, and my hair blonde and flowing.

I suddenly see many lovely people approaching. I tuck back under Your arm, but they look familiar, and so I am calmed. It is my earthly parents and brother, many friends and acquaintances from my lifetime: relatives, teachers,…..and Look!  Oh, what Glorified Ones I behold!

All of my favorites:  Peter and Paul, Ezekiel – my namesake.  Francis and Clare, my little big sister Th’erese. The Patriarchs:  Abraham and Moses, Isaiah and Solomon – how I love their books. David, with his harp and lambs. O’ how I’ve loved them all !

Padre Pio and Seraphim,  Princess Philomena and John Vianey. My Mother- in- Law Linda, and so many, many more !

And who are these little ones ?! My dear beloved animals, all those of my Earth Life: my dogs and kittens, lambs and sheep! And My Heavenly pets: Timothy, My Snow Leopard Cub! My Polar Bear cub and My baby elephant! O’ My Beautiful Clydesdale, Misha! And so many,  many more!

And THERE!!  There is the River !! The River that leads to Our Palace!!The Wonderful Taj Mahal Palace where You, Beloved, first danced with me!

O’ My Jesus, O My Lord, O’ My Heavenly Spouse, and Heart of My Soul.

But we are moving up higher, far beyond the meadows and hills. Up, up we soar, riding the Celestial Winds. So much splendorous light, brighter and more spectacular by the moment! And do I see?  Do I dare to hope? My dream of dreams, my True and Real… – Father!!!

“O’ Daddy !!”  I shout, and run into Your open arms.”

“O’ My Son!  My Precious, Precious Child!!”  Yes, You, my Father, cry out with Joy!!

“O’ Daddy !!  O’ Daddy !!  I have Waited so Long!” I sing out with such unashamed happiness. Atl I’ve come Home!

At last I’ve come Home!

Forever… I’m Home!!

The Beauty of His Dance

My dear Ones……..Oh it is just amazing….I put on this lovely dancing-with-godmusic while I am typing up some pages for Him….and I can see Him in my spirit….a ball room….in a white tux….so lovely….tall…. and I am in this white dress..not sure if a wedding one…but I seem to have on when He dances with me…Clare..the moves…too graceful and awesome for words!  I don’t think I ..or we ..could do this on earth…I am as light as a feather….so frail as I looked when 20…it amazes me how we just dance…..I have never seen dancing like this…. like pure art work.

He is something else!  I keep up with Him…. like a picture of grace that just flows from our love for each other.  You know what I know…. not everyone could understand what I type…yish.  Too beautiful for words…and so clear..and the things He says…. I was typing up pages for Him and it was like….dance with Me now… and I have this lovely music on….and off we go! And I twirl….and near float in His dancing…we glide  over the floor like soft breezes…and I say I have to get this done…. um…are you kidding?  Not when He wants to dance!  Ha ha! love it.

He gave me a message a few days ago..very personal..You could understand it. And it is for all really…If only ones would open to  Him…and let Him in their hearts and souls.  He is so tender….oh yes..that is what I wanted to tell  you….when I am with Him, the longing is sooooooooooooooooooo terrible to be with Him..You know this too, as some others….and I am so lonely to be with Him….and He tells me…” Is that why sometimes you don’t want to dance….because of the loneliness it causes in you?”  And I have to admit …I am pained at being away from Him….and He with Me!

Even if you are longing to be with tears… this loneliness I need in you…it makes up for the ones who are not lonely for Me….who never even give Me a thought! And more words to that effect…. but it is just a sorrow ..a pain I have to endure when He is with me like  … this.  And so we dance …and I long… and on and on it goes…

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