Readying the Bride: Word from the Lord



Tuesday 12th May:
Today I spent time with the Lord as Clare had said setting all aside to be with our Beloved. After the binding prayer I found my self immediately with the Lord and said “Gosh Lord that was quick” He said I AM always here with you waiting it is YOU who is not present with me!    I live IN YOU and you LIVE IN ME coming into My presence is not hard you just have to come unto me. So many give their lives to Me and then immediately drift away from Me it makes me so sad – it was not meant to be that way.
Then He said “For your brothers and sisters”…… I saw a vision of blackness – space FULL of STARS shining and sparkling. The expanse of darkness was filled with them. Jesus said to me “At the moment you are all SET IN DARKNESS – surrounded by it but your beauty and your light is NOT diminished by it. In fact you are ALL BECOMING BRIGHTER!” The scene was not like a night sky full of little twinkling stars….the darkness was almost crowded out by LARGE SPARKLING STARS all very close to each other. There was very little darkness as the collective light from all the stars was DISPELLING THE DARKNESS. He said “ IN the world darkness is everywhere and growing BUT IN MY KINGDOM THE DARKNESS IS FAILING AS MY BRIDE GROWS BRIGHTER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL. Your Robes are being cleansed and the work of the satans is being ʻUNDONEʼ. He has no victory in ANY of you – He who has stolen shall steal no more! As you all collectively cry out to Me COME QUICKLY BELOVED and fix your gaze on Me – you speed up My return. The minute My Bride is prepared My Father will give me the signal to GATHER HER! When you focus on Me satan loses all of your attention and his power is broken. What you believe is your Truth and if you no longer believe his lies your Truth becomes ME. My Father LOVES faith and belief. There is a process of readiness – to bathe oneself – a bath of Milk and Honey to cleanse the flesh. To anoint oneself with the spices from My Garden – Myrrh – Frankincense – Aloes – Henna – Nard – Spikenard – Cinnamon…then as in the Song of Solomon (4:16) ask My North wind My Holy Spirit to come and blow upon you to send the scent of your perfume to me…to arouse My Love….My love do not wake up passion until it is ready!…. My Holy Spirit makes YOU ready and ME also! And then ask the maidens – the virgins to help – to prepare you – to dress your hair and paint your nails – to put upon you the undergarments as you AWAIT MY WEDDING GIFT – THE WEDDING DRESS. I have made EACH ONE OF YOU A SPECIAL DRESS WOVEN IN MY RIGHTEOUSNESS – THERE IS NOTHING BRIGHTER OR PURER IN ALL OF HEAVEN – EXCEPT MY BLOOD. While you await the dress ask your maidens (brothers and sisters in Christ) to adorn you with My Jewels – gifts given to you from Me. Gentleness – Vision – Compassion – Love of the Word – Prayerfulness – Intercession – Wisdom – Discernment – Lovingkindness – to name just a few! And here WE are ……Matthew 25 – Brides waiting! The WISE readied by My North Wind My Qodesh Holy Spirit – Ask Him COME – Ask your Bridegroom COME – And I will call to you My Lovely Ones COME AWAY WITH ME. You are dazzling and Beautiful – Radiant Diamonds each crafted by My Father and EACH DIFFERENT – You REFLECT My Love and Light and Glory and the darkness draws back from each of you. The world does NOT LOVE YOU or esteem you because you are MINE. But YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE REVEALED first to the Heavens and My Angels and then one day soon to ALL of Creation! OH HAPPY DAY! that was planned from BEFORE TIME BEGAN – SING TO ME MY LOVED ONES – REJOICE BECAUSE YOUR CAPTIVITY IS ALL BUT OVER    \o/ \o/ \o/

~through Debra Holland

*To be washed in Milk and Honey – we are washed in the Word of God – Milk and Honey – the most desirable food of biblical times
*Symbolic meaning of the spices mentioned in the Song of Solomon:
Myrrh – Suffering Frankincense – Prayer Aloes – Healing Spikenard/Nard – Adoration and worship of the Bride ( Mary anointed Jesusʼs fee with this costly perfume)
Calamus – Moral uprightness Cinnamon – Holiness – to be set apart Cassia – to be Humble – to bow down Henna/Camphire – Ransom – forgiveness Saffron – Faith

READYING THE BRIDE pdf (1)  (click on this title to open our Lord’s message in pdf file)

editors note:   The link above is a PDF file of what our Lord gave Debra Holland for us all..   Clicking on the link will open up a separate window with His message .   You will need to have adobe acrobat or another PDF file viewer installed (you don’t need the full version.. just a trial version will do) to be able to view pdf files.   If you use Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you can also download their free FireFox pdf viewer as well.

3 thoughts on “Readying the Bride: Word from the Lord

  1. Read this for a second time in a week… really just thought it was awesome. I can hardly wait or focus on anything accept wanting to go home to our Lord anymore. Thank you for putting it out here for us…

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  2. Beautiful. But it does add a new dimension to the question of timing……in that our anticipation accelerates his return. A different take than a geo-political event, or a particular feast or event.

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