On the Other Side of the Window


Early in the 1990’s I had this very real joyful dream I believe came from the Lord which gave me a glimpse of Heaven.     In this dream I was walking through a grey carpeted hallway.. it looked like a workplace of some kind., and actually looks like where I work right now to come to think of it.     Finally I came to a room with a wall-to-wall window.   At the corner of the window and room looking sadly through that window was a woman and two or three men .  They were cast in grey. They had no color about them.   My impression was that they were deceased.    I was the only one in that room out of the three other people who was in full color.

On the other side of this window was Paradise.    The river of living water was flowing throughout and there was vibrant grass, brilliant flowers and trees..  it looked like a Garden!..  and I looked out that window crying tears of Joy.. that I was able to see this at LAST!  and that Heaven is definitely REAL!    I was literally bawling tears of joy but the people who were grey in color looked sad .. that they were not able to cross over into this beautiful Place.   The woman looked at me with a sad hopeless look and I looked at her like, “what is wrong, we can be happy!”

The dream ended and I woke up with a feeling of peace.   I wrote to my pastor in NY about this dream and he was overjoyed to hear it.. and said it was truly a spiritual dream from the Lord.  I asked him if the people in the dream were ghosts, and he told me not to speculate but the Lord will one day reveal it.    I am often led to pray for those three people even now.     The one woman actually looks very much like a woman who works there that I know.   The window looks just like the window in our company lunchroom, only when you look outside our lunchroom you don’t see Paradise..lol!

4 thoughts on “On the Other Side of the Window

  1. Hello x I think the woman and the men are work colleagues and they are “spiritually” dead with no vision or hope of an eternal future. I am sure Jesus will anoint you at some point to speak to them OR that you should at the least just express Christ to them ( we do this without even realizing that we are doing it) so that once you are rapture they will have your witness that Jesus is real x

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    • Hi sis! I think you have a good point! that woman who now works with me had persecuted me for several years over a misunderstanding… and my desk was right near hers, to where she would continuously make offhand insults about me within earshot.. Right at the time I sought a closer relationship with Jesus, I was given grace to let go of my anger toward her and just forgive her. Others who knew how she treated me became offended in me when they saw that I forgave her after how rotten she was. My letting go (only through His grace) actually allowed the Lord to also touch her heart as well and now she and I are on good terms (praise Jesus for that) The Lord has been working in me these past years to further me along on how to allow Him to make me a Light for Him around those who could care less for Him and are preoccupied with their lives. I’m finding it’s through me holding back myself, serving, making myself last and least, denying and being charitable.. , no slander, no gossip, just showing His kindness without any duplicity or backbiting.. and asking His grace for this ..

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  2. Wow, that was certainly a prophetic dream you had and now you are living it out. It’s wonderful how you could see heaven on the other side of the window. For the joy set before him Jesus suffered and now you have seen the joy of heaven set before you. That is why you were able to endure under the maltreatment of your workmate. It is how we will all be able to endure til the end. Praise God. I am so encouraged by your attitude, no doubt God will use you at your workplace. Have you figured out yet who the men are? God will soon reveal them to you if he hasn’t yet because this world is quickly passing away. Thanks for sharing

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    • Hi sister ! thanks so much for your reply! I havnt exactly figured out the two men yet in the dream, but the two of them look like the two supervisor friends of hers who know me. When I saw them in the dream, the two men didn’t even look toward me. They both looked sad, that they knew they couldn’t be where that scene of Paradise was. The woman was the only one who kept looking toward me with a sad face.. so that’s why I remembered the details of how she looked more than the two guys. The two guys were so preoccupied with their dissapointement in that they couldn’t be at that Paradise. And I got the impression that they were thinking, “I didn’t think this was actually TRUE .. but wow was I wrong”


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