“Blessed Are Those Who Don’t See Yet Believe”


I asked the Lord if He would give me something to post on this blog to encourage those who love our Lord, who do not , as yet, receive visions, hear Him speak clearly, or other spiritual experiences many do receive.       For many who do receive these gifts, they are always in danger of taking them for granted and becoming too “used” to them…  which offends our Lord.    Also,  the Lord may choose to withhold these kinds of experiences from us because He is doing a deeper work within our spirits where our inner faith is being strengthened.       When Thomas refused to believe Jesus actually resurrected unless he saw for himself, Jesus appeared to Him fully in His body and had him touch his wounds…  and told him, “Blessed is he who does not see yet believes.”    The Lord wants us to come to that condition spiritually where we are not dependent on His gifts, but on HIM.     Eventually He will surprise you with a surprise message, dream, even a vision.. but it won’t be when we expect it or on our terms.. but on His terms and in His wisdom.

His withholding these experiences does not mean he loves you less than others or that you are of no  use to Him.  He is working in you differently than others and the inner work needs to be done first.    Not to mention that often when His servants receive a dramatic message from the Lord, they often undergo a trial before or afterward to ground them.   A friend of mine who is given messages from the Lord shared with me how she knows she will be getting a powerful message soon from the Lord when all “Hell ” breaks loose in her personal life beforehand.   St. Paul received his ‘thorn in the flesh” to ground him spiritually due to all the breathless revelations and transports he was given by the Lord.  Eventually we are all going to either die, or the Lord will return first, so then there will be no more need for visions or dreams!  We will see Him face to face and “Oh what a beautiful Day, when the Veil of ourselves will be taken away!”

I asked our Lord if He would give me confirmation on this message from His words recorded in “He and I” and “Jesus Calling”  and wow, did He ever give me confirmation!

“…In everything imitate your God. Ask Him to help you understand Him better.  Until your soul leaves your body, you will not have seen God, but you will have come to know Him better than by sight, and from this knowledge will be born an immense  yearning to possess Him.”

The Lord also unexpectedly had me open up to this from “Jesus Calling”:

“Stop judging and evaluating yourself for this is not your role.  Above all, stop comparing yourself with other people.  This produces feelings of pride or inferiority;  sometimes a mixture of both.  I lead each of My children along a path that is uniquely tailor-made for him or her. Comparing is not only wrong, it is meaningless…When I discipline you, it is never in anger or disgust.  It is to prepare you for face to Face  fellowship with Me for all eternity.  Immerse yourself in My loving  Presence.  Be receptive to My affirmation which flows continually from the Throne of Grace.”

Wow, talk about Him confirming as well as Him hearing all of our thoughts!   So don’t let the Enemy or your own soul make you feel God could care less about you since you (at this time) don’t seem to be getting anything “supernatural” as some do.    Eventually we will all be with Him if we are faithful in the little things He places before us day by day. ♥

lisa -God’s piece of work .. in progress

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