Never to Be Separated From Jesus!

The water of life that I drank that came through you is the clearest I have ever drunk from.Thanks so much for the words that Jesus gave you for me.

Since I have watched your videos I have entered into a deeper realm with Jesus. Especially your Music helped me to draw closer to Him. I received things  so precious to get healed each time when He comes close to me.

Right now He is trying to show me what I am afraid of the most – it is to get ever separated from Him. prayer-girl-talking-to-jesusI know this already a long time but He wants to make me totally whole from this fear and He showed me that He feels the same way about me – that iI was the one that walked away from Him so many times.

I describe things with words that can’t be correctly spoken out, they are way to deep by His Spirit. I don’t fear the tribulation or anything …just one thing: that He would ever reject me .

I know in my spirit He will never do so. To feel any separation, even to be here on earth hurts me so much! So He works on that right now to give me strength to believe Him, that He won’t leave or even leave me behind – that He will  choose the fastest way to get me Home into His arms.

While writing these lines, I cry with tears.  When we are Home we can talk some more and we will laugh with joy without any limit because of His mercy and kindness He had for all us to save us from this present time in this world .

much Love,

Elisabeth A.  Germany


2 thoughts on “Never to Be Separated From Jesus!

  1. Sister, that’s one of my fears also.. because it was always me who leaves Him.. He never leaves us. My fear is over myself and my own issues in my human nature that could separate me from Jesus.. and therefore I am my own biggest Enemy… so i’ll pray for you and please pray for me, that we continue on with our Lord and keep picking ourselves up and depending on Him day by day, morning by morning til that final day He calls us Home or comes for us beforehand!
    love in Jesus


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