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Visitation of Jesus Under the Starry Sky


I made a video of this but it’s really hard to share a lot of these things, because so much has happened to me in past years,  that it’s a little unbelievable already.  If I shared everything, people would start to doubt the credibility of my sanity, and whether what I am sharing is actually true or a cry for attention.

Not to mention that even though I was shown so much in my early years, I backslid into materialism and physical relationships regardless and totally ended up living for myself- not for Jesus.. It was only the intervention of the faithful that I am not dead and in Hell right now.

So experiences don’t guarantee one will be faithful to Jesus in one’s life.    In fact, the ones who don’t have any type of spiritual experience except that they love Jesus more than themselves will be the ones who are blessed in the end.

Lord please help us all to remain faithful to You!.

With that being said, I will share my experience that the Lord permitted in my life to take away all excuses whether He is real, and hears even the least of us.    Many years ago.. back in the early 1990’s.. I was coming home from a Wednesday evening prayer/teaching service our church has.   I so desired to sing to the Lord but if I sang in the house, my parents would have had a “fit”!    So being that it was really warm outside, I changed into my pajamas and under the starry night sky I prayed to the Lord to send angels to “doctor up” my horrible singing voice, because I was going to sing to Him.  I know that He is used to hearing the most beautiful angelic choirs..  and my voice would be like Heaven’s “noise pollution”   I just wanted to sing to Him anyway, so after I prayed that, I began singing every single old hymn I could think of that made me think of Him.    “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”, “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”, “Must Jesus bear the Cross Alone”, “More Love to Thee”, etc., etc..     and while I was singing to the Lord, the neighborhood dogs were surely barking at me., but I felt such a joy.. such a glow surround me!

At the very end of my songs, I couldn’t stop smiling.   Instinctively, I looked up at the rooftop of our home and there I saw a Person totally surrounded by Light standing on the roof.   I smiled at Him and felt He was smiling at me, but I didn’t know who He was mentally.  While my mind didn’t know, another part of me felt like I knew Him for ages!   He then rose up off of the roof and flew up into the night sky into the stars.    I kept watching Him until I could no longer see Him.   He looked like a comet flying upwards.  I even wondered if others saw Him and thought He was a strange comet    I then ran inside all excited and told my mother what just happened.   “I saw an angel!”  I told her!    But over the years I realized I actually saw Jesus all covered in Light, because  He is the Light that has come into the World.

What really touches me is that He went out of His way for me, and believe me,…I’d never make it on “American Idol” with my singing…lol.    So , yes, Jesus Christ is real, folks… totally real, and with the Father and Holy Spirit, He created all life.. including the stars that I saw Him fly into after listening to some “nobody” singing hymns for Him while the dogs were barking for her to shut up!

love, lisa – God’s piece of work in Progress

He Builds His Church out of Nothing


I want to share with you all a dream I had from the Lord last year where I saw nothing but darkness, yet heard a dialogue between our Lord and someone unknown.    This was right upon waking up from sleep but not fully awake yet..

I heard a man exclaiming out loud, “She is nothing…. NOTHING!”  and he wasn’t referring to just me, but to all of us who have nothing to brag about before the Lord and are even basically just more a headache to God if we think about it..  yet He loves us all.     This person in this dream kept on screaming to the Lord as though he knew better and could give advice to Jesus on what Jesus is wasting His time on or not..     (you should have heard his tone too.. it sounded like.. “get real Jesus.. I mean., c’mon, she is worthless.. what the heck are You thinking!”)       Now the “She” this man was referring to in this dream was  the Lord’s entire mystical Body of believers who are truly nothing in themselves apart from God.

Then I heard Jesus’s beautiful calm voice in reply to this person.   “I build My Church out of nothing”.   That left this person without anything else to say in response.   And how our Lord spoke this is what I love about Him.. He is sooooo calm and collected♥ .   I can visualize Him looking right into the eyes of the person who was challenging Him and not blinking an eyelash.

It is so true that our Lord cannot make us into His instruments when we have any allusions that we are anything of use.   He can only use us when we come to the realization that we can’t be of any use .. then He can fill us with HIS strength, HIS power, HIS ability and desire.. and then we can be one of His little vessels…wether we are made out of crystal or dented aluminum.       A crystal vessel without Him being poured out to others is totally useless.  It’s Him inside of us that makes the difference., and His mystical Body- His Church, is made up of all those who have allowed Him to make them realize they are “nobodies” and even the genuine good within them comes from Him!

ps.. the picture of Jesus at the top of this post best portrays the expression He must have given the person screaming at Him in my dream when He replied to Him.

lisa-God’s work in progress

Never to Be Separated From Jesus!

The water of life that I drank that came through you is the clearest I have ever drunk from.Thanks so much for the words that Jesus gave you for me.

Since I have watched your videos I have entered into a deeper realm with Jesus. Especially your Music helped me to draw closer to Him. I received things  so precious to get healed each time when He comes close to me.

Right now He is trying to show me what I am afraid of the most – it is to get ever separated from Him. prayer-girl-talking-to-jesusI know this already a long time but He wants to make me totally whole from this fear and He showed me that He feels the same way about me – that iI was the one that walked away from Him so many times.

I describe things with words that can’t be correctly spoken out, they are way to deep by His Spirit. I don’t fear the tribulation or anything …just one thing: that He would ever reject me .

I know in my spirit He will never do so. To feel any separation, even to be here on earth hurts me so much! So He works on that right now to give me strength to believe Him, that He won’t leave or even leave me behind – that He will  choose the fastest way to get me Home into His arms.

While writing these lines, I cry with tears.  When we are Home we can talk some more and we will laugh with joy without any limit because of His mercy and kindness He had for all us to save us from this present time in this world .

much Love,

Elisabeth A.  Germany