Archive | May 8, 2015

We Are So Close – Let Nothing Distract You!

I came into the Presence of Yeshua tonight in prayer.   I saw Yeshua before me – He was Splendid and Glorious.  Light shone out from Him and His clothing had stars woven into the fabric.  He sparkled and shone – He was Radiant and Happy talking to others around us.  He wore Royal Robes and a cloak –  purple in colour, draped around His shoulders, which was tied on the1939553_10152771499108579_2330984695578200843_n right hand side with a clasp in the front of His shoulder.  The cloak had a large hood which was back off His head on His back.

I strained to see His face again and He turned to me and said “don’t strive, just relax.  Hold My Hand and relax.”   He kissed my hand and smiled.  “I am close – close to you and close to returning – press into Me – let nothing distract you, NOTHING!  The enemy will unleash lots of things in many arenas but know this …the more frenetic things become, the closer it is to My return!  He will desperately try to run interference on My Beloved Bride – try to distract her – to confuse her – to fill her with fear!  But I am warning you ALL in advance so that you will be prepared.

Instead of becoming afraid as he plans, you are to become JOYFUL and EXCITED because you KNOW that I am coming.  The chaos will be evidence of it!  My Sheep hear My voice and KNOW me…it is what sets you apart. Do not take upon yourself ANY condemnation from anyone – listen only to ME and press into Me.  Like a child press into My Breast and feel the warmth of My embrace.   This is the time to look neither to the left nor to the right, only look at Me and certainly DO NOT LOOK BACK at anything!  Remember Lot’s wife….her heart was divided.  She was conflicted and double minded – she had idols left behind that pulled at her heart.  Surrender ALL to me now.  Ask Me to sever anything that CLEAVES to you – be willing to let it go and ask Me to separate you from it.”

Debra H.