Archive | May 6, 2015

My Visit of Jesus Christ

154467d28f36f317cb4682cf8060e740 Heinrich_Hofmann_Christ_at_Thirty_Three_525In the 1990’s,  we had one of many family crisis’s where this time my sister and father were not speaking to each other.    My mother asked me if I would pray for my sister and this entire family situation  between her and my father.      That night I prayed while laying in bed in the dark at night.. and I felt such an affliction over the turmoil that my stomach was in knots.     “Lord, it’s not fair that I have to get stomach cramps over those two!”  I complained in prayer.    “Look Lord, I’m probably getting an ulcer!” As soon as I said this, the atmosphere in the room changed, and I felt a Presence standing at the left foot of my bed.  I knew it was Jesus, but I saw nothing physically.     I heard Him speak telepathically to me , “My Body suffers” was what He said in such a calm peaceful tone.    The pain immediately left me but what remained with me to this day was how beautiful our Lord and Savior truly is.     Even though I couldn’t see Him , I sensed His character., and His Majesty with spiritual eyes as He stood there.   The Holy Spririt opened my spiritual eyes so that I could “see” Jesus without seeing Him visibally.     I could sense His total Majesty… that He truly is the king of all Kings .. I could feel such a Majesty and Royalty about Him, … Yet He is also very approachable and humble..  I sensed His total peace and calmness, and also His lack of any ego..  I have supervisors where I work in a small town company, who actually HAVE some arrogance about them, and all they are are ordinary supervisors.   Jesus is the King of all Kings in all universes, yet He is totally humble!    The picture of Jesus I am using for this post best expresses Jesus’s personality to me.