Time With the King!

I attended a class last night at Inside/Out (a Facebook group I co-train with that teaches prophecy, deliverance, healing and a whole lot more!) called 3rd Heaven Encounters. The following is from my devotional Journal:

(The trainers begin the class with a GREAT deal of supporting/explaining Scriptures, and then a short activation. This is followed by a longer session where the students are instructed to go through their spirit eyes, and do the following:)

Starting off in worship with some quiet “soaking” music, picture a white hallway with doors all along it. Choose a door, and with a key – open the door and be open to whatever God shows you.

So, I did this, and saw myself in my spirit eyes standing in the white hallway. Almost immediately, Jesus stood to my right side. He took my hand and smiled – but as usual (I’ve taken this class numerous times now), we didn’t go through any of the doors…lol!! Again we went up through the ceiling.

I found myself standing on the same balcony as at the Prophecy conference (I attended a conference with Graham Cooke not long ago, and the Lord met me during worship twice at the same place, in the same clothes) – it looks very much like the wedding balcony in the new Cinderella movie.

Off to the right just a bit, and pretty far off in the distance is Father’s throne. Soon, Jesus’ clothes changed from the white robe He was first in – now He appeared wearing His Kingly suit and cloak, with the ermine fur and a large, golden crown on His head. He smiled at me, and took my hand.

At first, I was in a white shift, nothing special. Alongside Him stood His pet Lion – I asked his name, but Jesus said I wouldn’t be able Lion Runningto pronounce it just yet. I could tell there were many more animals on the balcony, but I put my arms around the lion’s neck and hugged him, I could CLEARLY see his beautiful eyes and mane, and the colors. He breathed on me, and then licked my face. Oh, he is such a magnificent beast!! (I have seen him before, too.)

I stood back up, and the Queen’s attire I have worn before was what I was dressed in. This dress astounds me, it reminds me a lot of the gown Cinderella – the aae4a02e9a4c0a248618a042190a8b83old one that was aired on TV in the 60’s, wore – all white with gold trim and subtle sparkles, with the ermine cape/train. A little, fat penguin waddled by next, and I patted it on its head. I was looking to see what other animals were there – a giraffe walked over and put her pretty head down on my shoulder for a moment.

Then, the Lord got my attention again, and said He had a gift for me. In His hands at first was a box – it looked like a ring box, and I felt myself think, “oh, that is just too much, I’m not worthy of a precious ring…”  and suddenly the box disappeared  and I was crestfallen that I had turned away a precious gift…. But then in the next moment, a most beautiful, delicate filigree crown appeared in His hands – the most beautifully wrought creation I’ve ever seen! Tenderly He placed it on my head – and told me, “I have many more of these for you, My Beloved One.”

Before I could even absorb this, my Buddy came up (my golden retriever that died a few years ago) and jumped up on me to say hello, and my first reaction was to tell him to get down, he’d spoil my gown….but then, I knew that I didn’t need to bother telling him to get down, or that he would harm my gown – because there IS no harm or tearing or dirt in Heaven.

I looked up again at the Father’s throne, and the next thing I knew, Father was standing there with us, and then Holy Spirit came down in the form of a glistening white dove and rested on my shoulder. They stood there so happily around me, and I was just in awe… singing out in praise and adoration and complete love for this God who is here, that loves me so absolutely, so completely, and is so willing to lavish this love on us….

Glory to God!! He is Great and Wonderful and above All Others! Glory to God! Glory!!


BTW, the link to Inside/Out is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/insideouttrainingandequippingschool   It’s a WONDERFUL group of people! The Lord has used it for me to open my eyes to the gifts of Holy Spirit: to understand that these gifts are not just for a select few, but for ALL. In the months that I’ve been there, I have learned how to give a word of knowledge, prophecy over someone and discern a prophecy over me, learned more about deliverance and healing and visited Heaven numerous times. The group is open to all, you just have to click the “join” button on their banner and you will soon be accepted in to start classes.

3 thoughts on “Time With the King!

  1. Sis, do they have anything on a separate website outside of facebook? The Lord led me to totally get off of facebook over a year ago.. I can’t go back on even though many times I’m tempted to. That doesn’t meant He wants others to get off…. I’m just trying to be faithful to what He asked Me.
    Anyway, for those who are on facebook., that is the best website to spend time on before any other ..
    ps.. I couldn’t stop chuckling at your dog Buddy jumping on you in Heaven! how sweet is that!! I can’t wait to see Mandy, Buster, Jake, Maxi… and all our beloved pets over there..! That giraffe sounds so awesome and made me think of a giraffe that was just killed recently by an American trophy hunter family with too much money to know what to do with , so they paid for a trip obroad to kill animals like elephants and giraffes, so they could brag they killed a giraffe. I was so angry hearing this., Reading your testimony gives me encouragement.. that this giraffe they killed is in Heaven now. Maybe it’s even the same giraffe you saw… wouldn’t that be sweet 🙂
    The most beautiful part of that Vision is seeing Jesus.. I love the idea of Him in His ordinary peasant’s robe He wore when He was on Earth.. and little did anyone on Earth realize how He truly is the King of all Kings! And yet so humble♥ *sigh*!
    God bless you sister, for sharing this beautiful vision!


  2. Lisa – unfortunately all of the classes are listed and the homework done on Facebook. The actual classes are held via Skype. I get the “get off FB” from the Lord – I had to leave it completely a year or two ago because it became such a terrible distraction/time waster. But, because of the classes, I’ve learned to discipline myself to stick JUST to the I/O pages. It IS possible to avoid your home page itself…but it takes a lot of determination!

    Yes….I love seeing Him, period!! He is somehow just as magnificent in His robe as He is in Kingly attire…


  3. Hi is it possible to post the link to the facebook page again please. i cant get it to open because its cut off on my cell…Thank you so much !


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