Russian Submarine 100 miles SW of Bermuda

A vision I had last night:

I just had a vision about 30 minutes ago of a large unmarked nuclear submarine submerged about 100 miles southwest of Bermuda. It was deathly silent at the bottom of the ocean, very carefully hidden…and waiting for orders…I think it might be an old Russian model, but I know that it is not alone. There are plans for a coordinated nuclear attack on America from both coasts. Iran has planned a multi-pronged attack upon America and Israel. It is their belief that they must destroy us in order for their leader to take over the world. They believe that a sudden preemptive surprise attack will cripple us. PRAY, PRAY! PRAY! There is also secret cooperation from Russia, North Korea, and several other nations in this plan. If the Bride does not intercede now, we are in grave danger! The Holy Spirit is calling out to pray now!!

4 thoughts on “Russian Submarine 100 miles SW of Bermuda

  1. Maurice, I have another Christian friend who also had a vision of submarines hidden underwater right near our coastlines… Chinese, Russian., .and they are positioned to strike the United States when given their orders.. The United States is not as secure as our government wants the people to believe we are…
    I also had a vision or dream last year of a three saucer type ufo’s with a large red swastika emblem on top of each of them., they were embedded in the mud underwater so no one could detect them. And in the next scene I saw a little girl playing with a toy submarine. She then got the toy submarine and turned it upside down. Not good.
    yes,.. am going to keep the U.S.. in prayer that we will be awakened spiritually from what will happen, but that if possible, He might be able to spare the innocent children, feeble, handicapped, animals, people in nursing homes..,etc..
    God bless you for sharing this.


  2. just found out my sweet sweet friends
    that hollywood and military, and banks with wall street are all leaving the USA fast, james cameron all of them are going to new zealand
    and other places, germany has continually asked for their gold back from the American govt held in vaults under manhattan however
    they are refusing because it is not real gold it is gold covered tungsten, the run on gold in all banks has been unprecedented, in june 2015,
    Therefore my new adopted family, i am saying september is D-DAY with october in full swing
    we will not be here at that point but oh my sweet merciful lord Jesus have great great mercy on those innocents left behind to not let them suffer, only the guilty need to fully feel
    your wrath, those that are without souls.
    there i have got it of my chest and have struggled these past two weeks at my daughters, out in the wooded garden at 2.30 am to 3.30 am praying in earnest,do i do this, tell them what i have found out, very much like our lord at gethsemane scared and asking our father to take this cup and give it to someone else, if possible, of course we already know the answer . i have so missed our contact with you all and lisa/carol/lynne/and our YT family members, bu most of all you Clare and hubby Ezekiel, you are my gateway to the lord, who i have spoken to now many times
    but you are the ones who has shown me the way to him, and for that i am and will be eternally grateful, bye for now my new found hope, and heads down and prepare, he is on your porch about to knock the door,
    God bless and keep you safe, inc your family
    all our love, David & Lynn AKA vassilij


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