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Jesus is All We Need: A Dream shared by JesusPrincess

JesusGuess what Lisa and Clare!  This morning I had a dream where I saw a picture of Jesus.  In this picture He was wearing like a school uniform Jacket looking very handsome.  He looked a bit like the person who plays Jesus in “The Son of God”. I heard a voice telling me dont worry about trying to get a boyfriend or friends or about idols (celebrities) because Jesus is all you need;  He is beautiful- why would i pursue anyone else..or something on those lines and im sure the voice also said of Jesus’ great love that nobody loves us as much as Jesus loves us 😀


Oh, This Silence…

Jesus & His BrideHi my dears….. love the videos. Oh, this silence. Yesterday it was so lovely out, and I could see Him in my spirit, and He was just staring at me and had this little smile and His arm about my waist – and I looked at Him and said…..softly  “what?
It was something new and I am not used to someone showing me such sweetness or
a t t e n t i o n….. ha! But more quiet, and I know what you mean….when He is so silent, you wonder right away….”did I do something wrong?” No….so I was happy to hear you say that – it made me feel more comforted with this way He is at times. So thanks loves…
Pray you are feeling better and many thanks for allll you do for God and us! Amen to that. Love and prayers,
Patricia O.


House-ChurchPlease Use Discernment:

On this day, 4/29/15 the Lord gave me a powerful and most profound dream. In this dream, there were droves and droves of people searching for the Lord and they were coming far and wide and were meeting in a huge home, a special designated place that had been chosen. Hundreds upon hundreds of people kept coming and were in search of the TRUTH.

There were lines forming outside this home and their were people from all walks of life and they were young and old. They came to this designated place that they had been led to because they had a thirst for Jesus and were searching for Him everywhere. They were excited to hear the Gospel of Jesus and to receive the many blessings Jesus had for them. I remember, I was greeting some of these people and there was a group of them that looked at me and immediately were not interested in receiving the Lord into their hearts. I could see there darkness for they did not want to look at me straight in the eye for I was of Light and could not take it and they quickly wanted to leave from this house.

In this home, there were many born-again saints that were being used as greeters, ministers, worshippers singing praises to the Lord in Songs and Music, there were other saints baptizing new born-again Christians and they were given a white robe to wear. etc.. Every saint was given a task and it was a very busy place with different sections in the house that had a purpose. For example: A place for worship, praise and music, a place to be ministered to, a place to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and receive the Lord into your heart, another place to get Baptized with the Holy Spirit and another room in the house to receive your white robe. etc.. Everything was so organized and everything flowed so smoothly and every saint had an assignment and a task.

In this designated place or home it was such a Joyous, Anointed and Spirit filled place, everyone was celebrating and thirsting for the things of God. There were those that were lost sheep, those that were backslidden and the Lukewarm were there too.


After I woke up from the dream, I began to pray and the Lord led me to understand that there is coming a huge influx of people that are thirsting for the Truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
These include the Lost Sheep, the Backslidden and the Lukewarm church. This is due to the fervent prayers of the saints that are being received in the Throne Room. Things are happening quickly and more and more are returning to Jesus and giving their lives to Him. Many are seeking and THIRSTING greatly for the TRUTH, for many have been deceived and are tired of the lies of the false churches and false doctrines.

God is listening and many things are happening in the Spirit realm. Jesus wants all to come to Him, Repent and receive Him as your Lord and Savior before the Ark closes.
God loves everyone and is no respecter of persons. His mercy and grace is abounding and his love is infinite for All his creation.
He is asking everyone to come to him NOW!

Do not hold this off for tomorrow for tomorrow is not promised. The Day of Salvation is TODAY!

May this dream bless you and may it inspire you to keep on praying for your family members, friends, neighbors and everyone the Lord leads you to that do not have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Jesus loves you and so do I.


Mother’s Vision of Grandfather in Heaven


In the late 1970’s my mother had been experiencing pronounced marital problems with my father and was considering divorcing him.    One morning while my father was taking a shower, she was laying in bed feeling very unloved and afflicted when suddenly along the bedroom wall, a scene came before her of my late grandfather in Heaven.  Light surrounded him and she knew he was in Heaven.   “Daddy, you made it to Heaven!”  she said out loud.   “Yeahhh, I made it alright”, he said sheepishly.  “By the skin of my teeth and because of Jesus I made it”.    (My father had been a violent alcoholic when she was growing up.  on his death bed, my great aunt,. a nun from the order of “The Sisters of Mercy” visited him each night while he lay in the hospital dying from black lung and emphesema.   She would pray for him and lay a chaplet at his bedside table.  When he would wake up, he’d joke, “looks like my sister was here again!”)     After he spoke that to my mother, he then added, “Don’t worry, kiddo, i’ll pray for ‘ya!”  and then the vision ended.    My mother was awestruck by this, and greatly encouraged..      My father loves my mother but it was never easy for him to express love.  The Lord held their marriage together and showed my mother that Mercy is what counts in life.    It was because of the Lord’s mercy that my grandfather was saved, and my great aunt allowed herself to become a channel of Jesus’s mercy by praying for her unloveable brother.. the black sheep of their family.    To this day the Lord reminds me about having HIS mercy whenever I am asked to love and pray for the unloveable.   We are all a fallen race before God, and we get by with a little “help from our friends” who intercede for us through the Holy Spirit and our great Intercessor, Jesus Christ  !