My Cousin’s Message From the Beyond


My younger cousin died in a drowning accident during the mid 1990’s to the shock of everyone in our family.   He had a reverence for our Lord and would always love reading books on the Shroud of Turin.  He also loved playing in a Country Rock band .

Over a year after he died, I was missing him so much that I asked our Lord to relay a message to him that we all miss him and to please pray for us “down here” …  while in the quiet of my room deeply praying this, our Lord relayed BACK a message from my Cousin!!   I heard in my heart of hearts that my cousin wanted us to know that he is playing in a band in Heaven and he specifically wanted me to “Not get attached to this Earth because “it is  Nothing like Where He is at right now!

Now his mother is dying of stage 4 cancer and in the last few weeks has accepted Jesus into her heart. We talk about her son, and I remind her that he is praying for us Up there and it wont be long before we meet again!    She especially loves that he is playing music in Heaven !

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