Jesus Shows Me My Home In Heaven!

tropical gardenMy relationship with the Lord is one of, well, I talk to Him like He is my invisible friend, always with me. But I have always thought of Him as a Sovereign King. Your teachings have enabled me to walk a closer walk with Him, more like a child holding her daddy’s hand.

About last night: Well, in the midst of all the Baltimore Riots news that my husband had on our Maryland tv… I felt the Lord was calling me to get aside with HIM for a time of PEACE. So, after the hubby went to sleep, I put some music on my phone and sat in my favorite rocker to spend time with my Jesus. After awhile I began to think about your video regarding our place that is prepared for us. So, I asked Jesus to show me what my home looks like. I said, I have no idea what my desires even are.. as I had always thought to live on a boat someday.

Clare! My Jesus was so kind to show me a glimpse of my new Home. When I opened the doors  (big double doors) I saw HIM standing there. And you know what? He was holding my new puppy named Buttons. ( you see, I have been pondering getting a puppy and naming him Buttons, but because we are so close to going home, I did not want to do it) Jesus handed buttons to me and said.. he is in my home waiting for me. And Buttons Talks!

Well, my home is so pretty, First you walk through a door which opens into a courtyard full of luscious tropical flowers and foliage and a stream runs though it… Oh and the water literally dances off of the rocks! I mean little squirts of water would jump up on the rocks and dance then they would jump back into my stream. In my living room, the entire wall folds open to reveal a lovely open decking that over looks a lake that is sparkling with iridescent colors like nothing I have ever seen. Oh and I heard wind chimes, but there were no chimes.. it was the blades of grass as the breeze kissed them.  It was so beautiful.

L.D. from Baltimore

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