Brain damaged Granddaughter is Being Healed

jesus-healing-the-sickI have already told you, Clare, of my brain damaged granddaughter in hospital. We prayed and prayed so hard that we cried so hard at each prayer session. I asked him, “Lord my life has almost run its course, if you want I will give up my life for hers.”
I also asked him for three things which i never told anyone about including my wife.

Well, I think I got my answer. I asked for part of her sight to be restored so she could see her mom and her daddy, plus her two wonderful brothers. Secondly I asked for a partial control of her hand or hands so she could feed herself, and last I asked for her speech to return so she could say goodnight mom, goodnight dad, see you in the morning.

Well, we had a phone call recently with a few pics of her:
1/ She has spontaneously started to smile and her tummy shakes up and down as though laughing.
2/ When her mother says, “Look at this new top I have bought you”, she turns and her eyes track the item all over, till she has seen enough.
3/ She called out to her mother and shouted “MOM” she was asked to repeat it and she did and does.

WOW, He the LORD has answered our diligent prayers and is making her whole again! We are so proud {which is a sin} of our Lord Jesus for helping her and proud to that we have come to know Him well, its only a matter of time and His choosing when we will see Him.
God bless to you all and never never stop praying for the men and women that are working for world peace they need all our help right now,
David & Lynn

6 thoughts on “Brain damaged Granddaughter is Being Healed

  1. just as a side note i myself have been gravely ill and bedridden, two days ago i had an attack of pain in my right lung with pleurisy it was so intense i could not stand it.
    so i prayed like i have never prayed before for the good lord to take away this extra burden from my shoulders, i guess he heard because that night, and yesterday and today there has been no pain
    i thank the lord every minuet of every hour of every day, for his mercy and love shown to me
    never give up hope never stop praying, and always love and believe in him, and he will come to you,
    God bless you all,.


    • Amen, God bless you Vassilij.. sounds to me that our Lord truly is with you in your pain.. thank you so much for sharing this encouragement!


  2. We cannot even begin to tell You, David and Lynn, how much of a faith builder your little granddaughter is to ALL of us. And don’t worry about being Proud of the Lord, we just call that Praise!!!

    Love Ezekiel & Clare

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  3. Clare, okay, tell Jesus that we love so much and asks Jesus to heal mother Terezinha pains, arthritis, arthrosis for her to walk again without pain and bless it so that it has health for return of Jesus at the rapture, thank you .

    and ask for Rose bless her that she can walk again normally, as she has arthritis, arthritis and pain in the body and hip, thank you.

    and would deliver Jesus our family asking conversion, repentance, humility to Sandra, Adriana, Gustavo, Angelo and Manoel Vieira and our cousins and relatives, thank you


  4. A paz do Senhor Jesus Clear gostaria de pedir oração por mim e por minha família,obrigada por compartilhar conosco, quero a cada dia mais ter essa intimidade com Jesus.


  5. Please pray for me just watched your YouTube about the coming tribulation I an so scared I will be left behind. I love Jesus with all my heart and talk to Him all throughout the day but can’t say I have a special set aside time and I don’t hear from Him the way you all do. I read the Bible every day but lately have been riddled with depression and panic attacks


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