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My Cousin’s Message From the Beyond


My younger cousin died in a drowning accident during the mid 1990’s to the shock of everyone in our family.   He had a reverence for our Lord and would always love reading books on the Shroud of Turin.  He also loved playing in a Country Rock band .

Over a year after he died, I was missing him so much that I asked our Lord to relay a message to him that we all miss him and to please pray for us “down here” …  while in the quiet of my room deeply praying this, our Lord relayed BACK a message from my Cousin!!   I heard in my heart of hearts that my cousin wanted us to know that he is playing in a band in Heaven and he specifically wanted me to “Not get attached to this Earth because “it is  Nothing like Where He is at right now!

Now his mother is dying of stage 4 cancer and in the last few weeks has accepted Jesus into her heart. We talk about her son, and I remind her that he is praying for us Up there and it wont be long before we meet again!    She especially loves that he is playing music in Heaven !

Heavenly Music

clouds in Heaven

Years ago my mother was suffering from a really horrible infection which kept her bedridden for over 2 weeks. It got so bad that we thought she wasn’t going to make it.   She slept on the couch constantly for 2 weeks in and out of consciousness.

While out of consciousness she experienced such a feeling of peace and the most heavenly angelic music that she says to this day she can not find any CD that duplicates what she heard.   She said it sounded like vocals all singing in various pure harmony .. even in pitches humans can’t duplicate..  but so healing and so beautiful that it makes the music on earth pathetic in comparison!

Counting Blessings

Tuesday morning I woke up around 4 something to the Holy Spirit singing Hallelujah so I sang with the Holy Spirit for over an hour I feel like it was almost 2 hours and I was getting sleepy and I just wanted to sleep at least 15 minutes before I could get ready to leave for my appointment, I was going to go purchase a vehicle through an auction with some gentleman that I didn’t know very well. So I was a bit anxious about that. Needless to say I turned around on the couch to go to sleep and I felt as if somebody sat down at the edge of the couch and I also felt like I was a little kid again, but it was still me and I automatically knew that this person who sat down on the couch was Jesus although I couldn’t see his face I just saw his 78e43225623eff8420c08707687ef684shoulder and his arm but I could feel the couch cushion sinking in and I could even hear his heart beating by his shoulder. I was just like a little kid again and it was like my dad and my big brother all in one and I just fell asleep on his shoulder. I remember he reached his arm around and hugged me. I felt like he was just more like a father to me than my earthly father and I just felt a calming peace envelope me and within the next 15 minutes I was completely restored of energy and I wasn’t tired or anything when I woke up, but I remember that I was looking at Jesus arm and his hand and it wasn’t hairy or anything, he wasn’t like a real big guy, but you know he was bigger than me cuz I was a little kid again and when he hugged me with his arm I hugged him back and I seen and felt him squeeze his hand in my hand really tight but not enough to hurt me. He would do it strong enough a few times to symbolize like he really, really loved me like I was his baby boy. There was no weird feelings about this at all, that was like my father that was like somebody who loved me and wanted to protect me. I was so worried about going to the auction with these guys that I didn’t know and I just felt as if Jesus said not to worry about it. Well I went to the auction with these guys and I was only one who ended up purchasing the vehicle and they tried to scam me and get money out of me when they seen what I bought, the guy who invited me there is Christian, but I seen that he was very greedy and caught them lying to me throughout the day to try and make an extra $400.00 it was a really long and exhausting day that lasted from 7:30 am till about 4:30 pm. I was wore out after the whole ordeal was over with, they still haven’t signed the title over to me, but I did get an audio recording of our conversation and a receipt for most of the money I paid, these guys were from Ghana and Nigeria and I really wanted to trust them because they said they were Christians but they tried to take advantage of me, I am unemployed and am trying to start a lawn mowing company so I really needed a truck, but was only able to get an SUV. I got my vehicle with 30 day tags on it and now I’ve noticed that there’s issues with the vehicle which worries me more, but I just have to know that Jesus will supernaturally repair the vehicle so I’m just praying for that, I am actually praying he will repair all of our vehicles in my household, but I am just thankful that I have vehicles whereas some may not, even if they are old, worn out and ran through, it is better then walking. Jesus never drove a car, so I count my blessings.


Thanks in Our Sufferings

give thanksClare, this is the most wonderful video I’ve ever heard.  It explains so much that I did not know and they way you explained it, it was like Our Blessed Lord talking to me also. (I’m sure I’m not the only person who felt this way).

The next time and from now on when I also get this same feeling I will offer it up and thank Our Blessed Lord for allowing me to suffer.  I’ve made enough “friends”  that this should be a regular occurrence.

God Bless you and thanks for this special video.

Jim O’C.

Praying for the Lost and Hurting

praying-at-sunsetOnce again, these messages are on point. Last night while I was watching the Bruce Jenner story on 20/20, someone sent a message telling me I was a false prophet. I wanted to cuss this person out. But I didn’t. I just told this person the truth about themselves if they refuse to change.

I think I handled it well, but inside I was mad! I want to also pray for Bruce Jenner. His story was so moving and shocking to hear. I pray to Jesus to send him to Heaven even though he is becoming a woman. I don’t believe he’s an evil person. Just tormented by his caged existence.

Nicole C.

Flower In His Garden

Nelumno_nucifera_open_flower_-_botanic_garden_adelaide2I finished this video and I am so touched by our Jesus’s words through Sister Clare.  He truly has a way of putting things that reaches our hearts.

I want to be one of His flowers in His Garden. I am not a flower just yet, but I pray that I will become this and my blossomed petals will open up to His Presence and follow Him wherever He goes, just as the sunflower follows the Son.

We love you, Jesus!

Thank you so much for your patience with us!!


Beautiful Message

godly_fellowship2Thank You, Sweet Jesus for this beautiful message. This is just what I needed to hear. I’m so grateful that I heard this message today!

Clare, you and your husband are such a blessing. I had asked the Lord to send me Godly fellowship and teachings. I told Him I was desiring a true and deeper friendship with Him and He sent me you and your ministry.

Bless you Both.

Gina M.