Be as a Little Child

Be as a Little Child

I belong to a Facebook group called Inside Outside ( that teaches many facets of Holy Spirit’s gifts in actual classes. As a co-trainer, part of what I do is sit in on the two primary classes and help the Trainer, give input and encouragement to the students and share my own experiences  during the activations when there is time.

During the class we had last night, the instructions to the students went something like this: “We are going to practice using our spiritual ears and mind. Picture yourself, at any age, singing the song Jesus Loves Me. Now, let Holy Spirit take over and see what happens.”

So – I closed my eyes, quieted my “self” and began. I’ve been having a rather rough week, but I’ve been trying to be strong and mature and “handle” things…at least that’s what I thought I was doing. But, Jesus calls to us to lean completely on Him and be as little children – and He really does mean just what He says!

I began the activation, seeing myself sitting as an adult on the right side of my porch in a swing. I started singing the song, and immediately Jesus was sitting in the swing to the left of me. As we sat, I began to shrink – smaller, smaller, smaller – until I was the size of my five-yejesus-with-children-2303ar-old granddaughter. Once I was “small enough” Jesus reached over, scooped me up onto His lap and cuddled me in His arms. He nestled His chin into the hair on top of my head, and He began to sing to me: “Yes, yes I love you…Yes, yes I love you…”

What  a glorious Savior we have! Even though these moments we have with Him like this can be swift and fleeting, the love and joy those few moments imparted to me have lasted all through the day today, and I can still see and hear it as clearly in my memory as when it happened last night. Oh, yes! HOW HE LOVES US!!


As a side note – if any of you are interested in looking into Inside Out, I would certainly encourage you to do so. The classes are free, last two hours at a time…and Holy Spirit is ALWAYS right there among us!! Our students begin their journey by learning how to both give and receive prophetic words – and it is always both a joy and a surprise to see how quickly and easily Holy Spirit opens their spiritual eyes and ears during even their first class! All are welcome to join. It is a closed group, but all you need to do is click on the JOIN button on the banner at the top of the page, and you will soon be notified that you are able to begin using the site. Hope to see some of you there!

Carol (Clare and Ezekiel’s helper here)

8 thoughts on “Be as a Little Child

  1. Wow Carol, thanks for sharing that! I haven’t had any experience like that where I see Him visually speaking to me., but I have often felt the Holy Spirit’s presence around me… and I’m the kind of person who (by nature) thinks a trillion things at the same time and has an untamed mind– especially years ago I was really bad like that. In prayer I felt His presence that was sooooo beautiful and also carried an authority about Himself that just made me want to behave around Him. I joked around and in prayer told Him that I pictured Him like the Sun.. in total control and I was this little light bouncing all over the sides of my room like a ping pong ball., and I felt Him laughing at my remark and then felt His reply that I needed to be “tamed”.! and wow, does He ever have a way about Him that knows how to tame us!
    None of this was in any vision..just in blind prayer and feeling Him with my eyes closed.. He speaks to us in soooo many ways!
    love, lisa


  2. Remember, Lisa – this isn’t visually with my natural eyes. All of these things (at least for me) happen through my spiritual eyes, written on the same screen of my mind that I would have a daydream in, or remember the layout of a room I wanted to think about. THIS is where He comes to me, and most people, I suppose. When you see Him 3D, right in front of you with eyes wide open – I guess that’s called an open vision. Never had that happen yet, but certainly not against it!! (smile)

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  3. Inside/Out has born some wonderful fruit in the lives of people-bringing them into a truly intimate one on one relationship with our very real and lovable Jesus.

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  4. Hello Clair,

    My name is Theresa Kemp and I’m a YouTube watcher of your channel. I just want to tell you this because I’ve already told the Lord, that I thank God for you tremendously! Your videos have absolutely changed my life. Yes I’m a christian but I was always so unforgiving of myself and the life that I lived until I started to listen to your testimonies and the things that you use to struggle with and it sounded so much like mine. Your videos almost have me in tears and are such an encouragement. Please whatever you do don’t stop making these videos. I am now imaging what it will be like when I meet my Savior in the air when that trump sounds. I’ve thought about that day many times but.not on the scale that I’m thinking about it now. This wedding is one that this world has never seen. When you talk about love, I melt into mush, and immediately I began to imagine me in the Lord’s arms. All I can say is may the Lord bless you and your family and keep you, and that you be in perfect peace. Be blessed and just know that I even though we’ve never met, I appreciate your obedience to the Lord and you and your encouraging messages. Theresa


  5. Jesus, I had a dream in which I saw in the sky a tornado I knew it was the rapture of a sudden I was sitting on a roller coaster, with my family, two in front and two atraz, and very happy I was beaming and affection passed through the streets to reach the sky, and in the dream I knew it was the Rapture.


  6. Jesus, I had a dream in which the moon was huge and very white beautiful and I was normal clothes and no one noticed me going to a wedding party and it was my wedding and other brides, so when arriving at the site of a sudden party II was using as white gown that seemed to emit a light like that of the Moon, and it was night and my hair was very black beautiful and suddenly the men of the party site began to notice me and look at me like I was admiring me and it happened when I arrived at the party place so I walked around the site of the party like I was overseeing to see if everything was tidy descir a ladder and down on the spot had a simple sentdo man then helped the man with something and ended the dream.


  7. I had another dream,:
    I dreamed I ja’estava in heaven, sitting on white chairs arranged in rows in a white room on the second chair I have not seen the end of the chair I knew the dream was going to happen in an event which was waiting because sitting in the chair started get people in my family and antonia aunt person who is already in heaven came to stay with me too and sit next to me going through me like watching an event I knew I had to wait other pessos arrive on the scene and the dream acabeou there was pretty.
    what I want is to see everyone in my family land that dream.


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