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Be as a Little Child

Be as a Little Child

I belong to a Facebook group called Inside Outside ( that teaches many facets of Holy Spirit’s gifts in actual classes. As a co-trainer, part of what I do is sit in on the two primary classes and help the Trainer, give input and encouragement to the students and share my own experiences  during the activations when there is time.

During the class we had last night, the instructions to the students went something like this: “We are going to practice using our spiritual ears and mind. Picture yourself, at any age, singing the song Jesus Loves Me. Now, let Holy Spirit take over and see what happens.”

So – I closed my eyes, quieted my “self” and began. I’ve been having a rather rough week, but I’ve been trying to be strong and mature and “handle” things…at least that’s what I thought I was doing. But, Jesus calls to us to lean completely on Him and be as little children – and He really does mean just what He says!

I began the activation, seeing myself sitting as an adult on the right side of my porch in a swing. I started singing the song, and immediately Jesus was sitting in the swing to the left of me. As we sat, I began to shrink – smaller, smaller, smaller – until I was the size of my five-yejesus-with-children-2303ar-old granddaughter. Once I was “small enough” Jesus reached over, scooped me up onto His lap and cuddled me in His arms. He nestled His chin into the hair on top of my head, and He began to sing to me: “Yes, yes I love you…Yes, yes I love you…”

What  a glorious Savior we have! Even though these moments we have with Him like this can be swift and fleeting, the love and joy those few moments imparted to me have lasted all through the day today, and I can still see and hear it as clearly in my memory as when it happened last night. Oh, yes! HOW HE LOVES US!!


As a side note – if any of you are interested in looking into Inside Out, I would certainly encourage you to do so. The classes are free, last two hours at a time…and Holy Spirit is ALWAYS right there among us!! Our students begin their journey by learning how to both give and receive prophetic words – and it is always both a joy and a surprise to see how quickly and easily Holy Spirit opens their spiritual eyes and ears during even their first class! All are welcome to join. It is a closed group, but all you need to do is click on the JOIN button on the banner at the top of the page, and you will soon be notified that you are able to begin using the site. Hope to see some of you there!

Carol (Clare and Ezekiel’s helper here)